How Huawei Threatens U.S. National Security

With Sam Faddis, Dr. Stephen Blank, Hans von Spakovsky and Gordon Chang

SAM FADDIS, Former CIA Operations Officer, Senior Editor at And Magazine:

  • Why Huawei is a major threat to U.S. national security
  • Iran’s threats to disrupt the world’s oil supply
  • How Tehran is using Khashoggi’s murder to their benefit

STEPHEN BLANK, Senior Fellow for Russia at the American Foreign Policy Council:

  • Russian collusion during the 2016 Presidential election
  • The fundamental flaw with arms control treaties
  • Russian standoff in Sea of Azov

HANS VON SPAKOVSKY, Manager, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation:

  • Vote harvesting and its impact on the 2018 election
  • North Carolina election fraud allegations
  • Florida referendum automatically restoring felons’ right to vote

GORDON CHANG, Author of The Coming Collapse of China and Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World:

  • Why the arrest of a Huawei executive has enraged Beijing
  • Should the Canadians grant Meng bail?
  • American businessmen disillusioned with China
  • Chinese military officer threatening to attack U.S. vessels

Mark Meadows for White House Chief Staff

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

According to the news outlet Axios, President Trump is considering appointing Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina to be his next Chief of Staff. He could not make a better, or more timely, choice.

Rep. Meadows currently chairs the House Freedom Caucus, which is made up of that chamber’s most principled conservatives and strongest supporters of the President. While Mr. Meadow’s leadership would be missed in the coming Republican minority, he would be far better positioned to help counter the Democratic majority’s excesses from the White House than in the legislature.

Most importantly, the President has come to like and trust Mr. Meadows as a brilliant, politically astute and reliable ally – a combination of qualities that is in very short-supply in official Washington these days.

Mr. Trump – and the nation – would be exceedingly well-served by a White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

This is Frank Gaffney.

Chaos in France

With Michel Gurfinkiel

MICHEL GURFINKIEL, Founder and President of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, a conservative think-tank in France, Shillman/Ginsburg Fellow at the Middle East Forum, Editor in Chief of Valeurs Actuelles (Paris)- a French conservative newsweekly:

  • Explaining the origin of the ‘yellow vest’ movement
  • How rising gas prices ignited mass protest movement in France


  • The decline of Macron’s popularity


  • Will the Macron government be able to nullify the yellow jackets?
  • How will the potential revolutionary situation in France continue to unfold?


  • Prospects for upcoming European Parliamentary elections