Donald Trump’s Caravan Asylum Reforms Get Court Hearing Nov. 19

The lawsuit by pro-migration, pro-caravan groups against President Donald Trump’s border policy will get a hearing on November 19 in a San Francisco courtroom. The judge is expected to freeze Trump’s pro-American reform and allow the growing number of caravans and asylum-seeking economic migrants to ask for asylum, get released, take jobs and force down average wages for blue-collar Americans. The Trump policy has been operating since Saturday. It allows migrants who arrive at the ports of entry to apply for full asylum. But the policy penalizes illegal migrants by preventing them from applying for a full asylum once they are caught sneaking over the border. Illegal migrants are still allowed to apply for a limited asylum, dubbed “withholding of removal.” That policy prevents illegals from using the asylum system to get released to find jobs, it eases their deportation and pressures them to go home without earning enough money to pay off their smuggling debts to the cartels. The lawsuit will be heard by an English-born judge, Jon S. Tigar. He was appointed by former President Barack Obama in 2012 to a seat on the very progressive, migrant-friendly Ninth Circuit. He is widely expected to direct border officials to freeze the border policy, by imposing