America Outdoors Radio

America Outdoors Radio is a unique, fast paced our of outdoors fun and information. Every week Host John Kruse and his guests cover topics related to fishing, hunting, the shooting sports and conservation throughout the United States. If you want to know what’s going on in the great outdoors, you need to tune in to America Outdoors Radio!

John Kruse is the host and producer of two syndicated outdoors radio shows. The first, Northwestern Outdoors Radio, is heard on 60 stations in five states and covers fishing, hunting and outdoors recreation in the greater Northwestern U.S.. America Outdoors Radio is John’s latest show. Launched in 2016, this hour long show is heard every week on some 50 stations around the country.

John Kruse is a long time outdoors writer with articles published in a variety of regional and national magazines. He is also the author of “Great Places Washington”, an outdoors guidebook published by Wilderness Adventures Press. In addition to this, John is a recently retired public servant, serving a total of 30 years as an officer in the U.S. Army and as a full-time law enforcement officer.

John now works full time with one goal in mind – bringing the latest in the outdoors scene to his listeners around the nation!

“Your Country – Your Outdoors!”

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The Ron Edwards Experience

Ron Edwards host of “The Edwards Notebook” syndicated radio commentary is a talented and gifted commentator with over three decades of experience.  He is a well versed journalist with a fiery delivery of humor, information and thought provoking conversation. The “Edwards Notebook” an award winning commentary delivers a wealth of knowledge in an entertaining format.

Ron Edwards brings to the airwaves and speaker’s platform unapologetic truth sure to keep his listening audience tuned in every time.  He is well respected by friends and foe alike for his consistency of conviction and originality in commentary. Ron Edwards served for over twenty-four years as a news anchor in several Midwest markets including Cleveland and Detroit. He has been a guest on television, radio, keynote speaker and the writer of numerous articles throughout the United States.

The Ron Edwards Experience  talk show,  airs Fridays on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada and worldwide on America Matters and Talk America Radio, as well as  SHR Media

The Edwards Notebook commentary is now heard overnights on the “Captain’s America” radio show which airs nationally in 64 radio markets.  The flagship station is AM 860 WGUL “The Answer” in Tampa, Fl.

The “Edwards Notebook” also airs on FM 101.5 & 1400 AM WDTK “The Patriot” Detroit. It has also aired on, News talk AM 960 Sarasota, Florida.  Ron is also a weekly columnist for, Fairfax Free Citizen Newspaper in Virginia and Ron Edwards also can now be heard on “The Edwards Notebook” throughout the day on  “The Edwards Notebook” is “Pure Edutainment.”. Ron has also been a regular guest host for “The Bob Dutko Show” which is syndicated on the Crawford Broadcasting Radio Network.

Ron Edwards has also shared his unique and provocative style as a news anchor with, WJMO, WCPN, WGAR in Cleveland and WWJ in Detroit. Articles on Ron have been published in the Detroit News, Headway Magazine, Houston, The Call & Post – Cleveland and he been a guest on “Let It Rip” on Fox 2 News Detroit. He is a highly sought after national keynote speaker who has addressed groups in Michigan, New York, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Georgia and more.

“The Edwards Notebook” was voted “Best Radio Commentary” by the listening audience on 101.5 FM The Patriot, Metro Detroit. The much anticipated release of his book will be sure to enlighten and encourage Americans from all walks of life.

In 2014 Ron Edwards embarked on a nationwide tour that took him to over 40 cities spreading the message of “How America Became great…how She Fell from Grace and what we must do to become Great Again.” It is his goal to proclaim the “Renaissance of America.” 

Ron Edwards is sure to deliver the issues and events of the day with clever, hard hitting and witty style.

You can visit him at Friends of the Edwards Notebook on
Twitter is: @theronedwards
Visit Ron at his website:

Ron Edwards serves as a Senior Chaplain and instructor with GCU Academy. He is Vice President of the Knee Party a PAC based in California.  He is also a founding member, Chaplain and Vice President of the Tri- County Liberty Coalition, in Michigan.

The First Amendment And The NFL

by: Jeremy Leahy

In recent weeks we have once again wrapped ourselves in the most precious of our civil liberties.  Our right to free speech. Speech can cause upset, laughter, crying disagreement and stir our emotions. The one thing the First Amendment does not do and that is solely and completely protect us.

The Constitution protects us in many places in life; however the Constitution is not omnipresent.

In 1791 when the Bill Of Rights were adopted the the framers made it very clear in the First Amendment that " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Let's be clear that the courts have established guidelines for speech that is never protected. Examples are threats of harm, defamation, incitement or the infamous "fighting words."[ Words by their mere utterance that are likely to result in an immediate and substantial breach of the peace.]

Oliver Wendell Holmes famously stated that your right to free speech does not protect your right to go in to a crowded theatre and falsely yell fire.

Free speech is broadly protected and narrowly restricted. That being said -one who is employed by the NFL or any other private entity does NOT have Constitutional rights while in the workplace.  When on the field a professional athlete is at work and do NOT enjoy Constitutional protections. The NFL has a right to establish a policy requiring them to stand during the National Anthem. When they kneel they are expressing something- but that expression is not protected by law.

When it comes to Constitutional protections we have to look at it from two separate actions.  1.)A public action 2.) A private action.

A First Amendment violation requires a public action not a private action. In order for a First Amendment  violation to occur the government needs to be the agent of interference. Not a private employer. The First Amendment states: Congress shall make no law. It doesn't state: An employer shall make no policy. Try going to your office one day with profanity on a t-shirt and see what happens. The employer doesn't have to fire you , but they sure can. The employer is not required by law to show you the door but at the same time they are not required by law to retain you.

For the most part our Constitutional rights do not exist in private parlance. If a parent suspects that their 18 year old has drugs in their bedroom the parent can search the bedroom without a search warrant.  The parent is the controlling agent.That is a private action. Now, if the police show up and want to search the bedroom for drugs they would need a search warrant. When the police show up at the home the Constitution is on the doorstep.

In most states an employer can even fire you when your exercise your right to free speech outside the workplace .If you say or express something the employer doesn't like or feels that it runs against the company's mission or values they can wish you happy travels. You have no grounds for a lawsuit. The NFL can fire you ,fine you or suspend you for not standing during the National Anthem. It's a simple fact. Ask Kathy Griffin. CNN gave her the boot after her summer stunt. Ask SNL writer Katie Rich who went on twitter and called Barron Trump the country's first homeschool shooter. Bye Bye!!

Generally speaking you can't be arrested for expressing something offensive;however you can still suffer from it. Yet, your not a victim of a Constitutional violation.The First Amendment can never protect you from the consequences of your actions.

Understandably, this has stirred up a lot of emotions about what the National Anthem represents. The conversation and debate surrounding it has found its way to the water cooler, the dinner table and elsewhere. That being said we all need understand there are morals and ethics surrounding this debate, but the law is totally separate.

Once again, to quote Oliver Wendell Holmes. " You have a Constitutional right to free speech. You do not have a Constitutional right to a job."

Jeremy Leahy, Natick, MA

Jeremy Leahy is a show host on Talk America Radio.  His show Standing Ground can be heard on the LIBERTY channel on Sundays at 9a ET, and on the JUSTICE channel on Wednesdays at 6p ET and Fridays at 12a ET.

The Deplorables Show

The Deplorables Show is a online conservative radio talk show hosted by Eric Thompson and Jeremy Hanson connecting the irredeemable deplorable supporters of President Trump. Our passion is to equip & learn from fellow Deplorables in our pursuit to take a stand for liberty and Make America Great Again.

About Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson was born in the Midwest but has lived in Texas & California the past 30 years. By watching his blue collar parents working hard to pay their bills, Eric starting delivering newspapers at 7, worked in corn fields and in restaurant industry through high school.
He served our country in Desert Storm as a United States Marine and has a great love for The United States Of America. Passionate conservative lead by his Christian faith investing his time into his faith, family & country.

With the lack of leadership in the republican party & out of frustration in the direction of our country, Eric took to the air ways starting the Eric Thompson Show broadcasting on 1680 am in Fresno & 1100 am in Phoenix. This year he started a conservative online TV station called KTruth .

About Jeremy Hanson
Jeremy Hanson was born and raised in the Midwest. He grew up living in multiple areas in diverse circumstances. He has a blue collar heart and a white collar mind. He is the people’s think tank! Passion about truth, leadership, family, business and politics engaged him to be a voice for the people. Jeremy Hanson grew up with the motto “do as you say and say as you do”!! He believes safe spaces are for endangered animals and political correctness is another term for anti 1st amendment. When asked about his patriotism Jeremy Hanson responded…. PATRIOTISM? “I KNOW THE STRUGGLE”.

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Talk America Radio Hosts at FAIR in D.C.

On June 28/29 of 2017, several of the Talk America Radio Network show hosts took Washington D.C. by storm.

Show hosts from The Scott James Show, The Conservative Cartel, The Denise Simon Experience, Behind Enemy Lines and The Wayne Dupree Show visited D.C. for the 11th Annual FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) - Hold Their Feet to the Fire radio row.  Everyone had a great time visiting with dignitaries, families affected by illegal immigration and friends in the industry.

Feel free to view some of our photos below.

From the Press Release:

WASHINGTON, February 17, 2017 – The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) announces Wednesday June 28 and Thursday June 29 as the dates for its 11th annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire/Let’s Make America Great Again radio row broadcast in Washington.  Talk hosts from across the country will broadcast live both days debating immigration policy while interviewing members of Congress, law enforcement officials, experts, activists, White House officials, and those who live and work along the southern border.

President Trump has demonstrated his commitment to secure our borders, stop illegal immigration, enhance national security, and push for reforms that serve our broad American interests. But his election and early actions are only opportunities; they are not victories in and of themselves. The president will face all the usual special interests, each determined to oppose, obstruct, litigate, and attempt to delay and derail all executive and legislative initiatives.

“This event has always been about holding our elected leaders accountable and educating the public,” said Bob Dane, executive director of FAIR. “In particular, this year, lawmakers must be reminded that Americans strongly support President Trump’s immigration policies.  Otherwise, the noise made by vocal special interests – which the mainstream media loves to amplify – will dominate.  Talk radio remains the bullhorn of the ‘silent’ majority.”

Hold Their Feet to the Fire is staged at the Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Reservations are required and hosts/producers should call FAIR now to reserve their spot. There is no cost to attend and all technical engineering and expenses are taken care of by FAIR.

Congressional guests, activists, high profile media personalities, and immigration experts will be in attendance and available throughout the event for wall-to-wall interviews with an expected crowd of 60 talk hosts.

FAIR 2017

The Lincoln Brown Show

Lincoln Brown has been in radio for over 20 years, serving as the program director for KVEL in Vernal Utah. He has hosted the morning drive, and created three talk shows, including his own, The Lincoln Brown Show. He has been a columnist for Townhall and a contributor to The Hill. During his career, Lincoln has interviewed such people as Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Steven Crowder, Lord Christopher Monckton, Andrew Napolitano, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Col. Alan West, Senator Mike Lee, John Barasso, and Charlie Daniels.

Lincoln was raised as a liberal but became a conservative when he realized that the party he had believed in all his life was no longer fighting the people, but was instead promoting its own interests. He eschews conspiracy theories except for the one conspiracy that everyone will act in their own selfish interests unless they aspire to something better.

Lincoln holds a Master’s of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He and his wife have served on missions to Cambodia, Haiti and South Africa. He has written on e-book “Go Down Moses: One NGO’s Fight Against Human Trafficking, which is based on his experiences in Cambodia.

The Lincoln Brown Show attempts to make sense of the world today by examining the places where faith, culture and politics intersect, and sometimes collide.

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Unleashed: The Jeremy Hanson Show

Jeremy Hanson was born and raised in the Midwest.  He grew up living in multiple areas in diverse circumstances.  He has a blue collar heart and a white collar mind. He is the people’s think tank! Passion about truth, leadership, family, business and politics  engaged him to be a voice for the people.

Jeremy Hanson grew up with the motto “do as you say and say as you do”!!  He believes safe spaces are for endangered animals and political correctness is another term for anti-1st amendment.   When asked about his patriotism Jeremy Hanson responded….  PATRIOTISM?   “I KNOW THE STRUGGLE”  !!!!!

The Eric Thompson Show

The Eric Thompson Show is a online conservative radio talk show connecting the irredeemable deplorable supporters of President Trump.  Our passion is to equip & learn from fellow Deplorables in our pursuit  to take a stand for liberty and Make America Great Again.

About Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson was born in the Midwest but has lived in Texas & California the past 30 years. By watching his blue collar parents working hard to pay their bills, Eric starting delivering newspapers at 7, worked in corn fields and in restaurant industry through high school.

Eric served our country in Desert Storm as a United States Marine and has a great love for The United States Of America. Passionate conservative lead by his Christian faith investing his time into his faith, family & country.

With the lack of leadership in the republican party & out of frustration in the direction of our country, Eric took to the air ways starting the Eric Thompson Show broadcasting on 1680 am in Fresno & 1100 am in Phoenix. This year he started a conservative online TV station called KTruth.

America First Radio

America First Radio with Jim Daws airs on WAXE 107.9 FM and 1370 AM on Florida’s Treasure Coast on Thursdays at 5:00 PM and on Sundays at 3:00 PM. The show is simulcast on iHeartRadio and re-airs Sunday evenings at 9:00 PM on Real Radio 101.7 WZZR and on Tune-In. You can also listen on-demand on the website, on Facebook, on TuneIn or on Soundcloud.

A former Battalion Fire Chief from Atlanta, host Jim Daws is an America First activist having worked on Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns in 1992, 1996 and 2000.

The show is focused on Making America Great Again by advocating policies and beliefs that return our nation to it’s founding principles of limited, Constitutional government, including foreign, trade and immigration policies in the national interests. The show is decidedly anti-globalist and favors staying out of foreign wars and entanglements not in America’s vital national interests.

We are America First nationalists.. Enjoy the shows and invite your friends to listen as well.

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Red State Town Hall – Encore

From Ron Phillips –  Owner and Operations Manager for Red Nation Rising Radio.

As many of you know, in February 2016, many of the hosts and principals here on Red Nation Rising Radio lost a dear friend, business partner, mentor and colleague… Mr. Premo Mondone.

At the request of his daughters, Adriana, Laura and Christina, and in keeping with our commitment to carrying the torch, all of us at Red Nation Rising Radio would like to honor his legacy with a weekly replay of his radio show, Red State Town Hall.

Red Nation Rising Radio is proud to continue that legacy and it is a great honor that we present to you these encore presentations of Red State Town Hall, run in their entirety, with Promo Mondone and longtime co-host Ken Brown.

Join hosts Premo Mondone and Ken Brown for a look at the world from a decidedly Red State point of view.

Global Spiritual Revolution Radio


Is a 21st Century Global Voice of Conservatism – American Values – Adhering To The Constitution – The Declaration of Independence & The Bill of Rights of The United States of America – Established Upon The Foundation As One Nation Under GOD.


Bishop Larry Gaiters Is The Host & Moderator of GLOBAL SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION RADIO.

Bishop Gaiters Is Also The Founder & Editor of GLOBAL SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION MEDIA – A Global Conservative Revolution In Which It’s Goal Is To Spiritually & Politically Revolutionize America & Especially BLACK AMERICA By Awakening Them To Leave The Psychological – Political & Social Plantation of The Democratic Party – and To Show Them The Way To Go Back To Their ORIGINAL ROOTS OF CONSERVATISM & AMERICAN NATIONALISM BUILT UPON THE CONSTITUTION of The United States of America & Upon The JUDAEO-CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD.


The Shepherd’s Chapel

The Shepherd’s Chapel Church

In-depth Bible Study

Broadcasting God’s Word to millions daily

The Shepherd’s Chapel, now broadcasting daily on over 150 TV stations in the USA and Canada is the largest Bible teaching ministry offering in-depth Bible teaching in a unique verse by verse, Chapter by Chapter, and Book by Book format. The Chapel is also available on Direct TV, Dish Network, and 24 hours daily on the World-Wide Internet. Our onsite 30 foot diameter satellite transmission dish broadcasts directly to a leased satellite on Galaxy 16, transponder 16. Many millions of people benefit from our local non-denominational Christian broadcasting ministry. The Chapel airs at 6:00 a.m. weekdays in the Benton County, Arkansas area on Fox Stations.

Over 50 years ago, the Shepherd’s Chapel Church began as a small Bible study in the home of it’s Pastor, Arnold Murray and his wife Anna. As his two boys, Dennis and David began to bring friends home with Bible questions around the kitchen table. Later as parents and other friends expressed interest, a home Bible church was founded which slowly grew and then later moved to the Shepherd’s Chapel current location where the daily live TV Bible study is broadcast and where Sunday services are held. Satellite TV broadcast began in 1985.

Shepherd’s Chapel is proud to be an active part of the community and backs that pride in Gravette through our support. The Accelerated Reading Program in our public schools and the Gravette Fourth of July Fireworks Display are made possible in large part through the support of Shepherd’s Chapel. Our worldwide television network brings thousands of visitors to Gravette and Northwest Arkansas each year to the benefit of area service and retail businesses.

Red Nation Rising Radio is proud to bring Pastor Murray’s teachings to the world weekdays and on Sundays.

In Answer to Critics

Our Statement of Faith

Erskine Overnight

For over 20 years, Erskine has dared to investigate the truth, examine the mysterious, and enjoy the humorous. He is a man of many talents having a background in entertainment, investigation, business enterprise, and mingling with the famous here and abroad.

Erskine Overnight is the 2014 Sacred Fire of Liberty winner of the Excellence In Health Journalism and Voice of Liberty awards.

His fast paced overnight, weekend programs deal with conspiracies, mysteries, and success in all areas of life – the latest happenings in the economy, politics, the sciences and technology.

Listeners will appreciate this breath of fresh air and your advertisers will recognize the success from a positive program.

His goals are to provide entertainment, enlightenment, and enjoyment.

Currently nationwide in over 80 markets, Erskine returns radio to FUN and Quality, “the way it should be.” Listen online through our various partners or on your local stations.

Erskine Overnight Disclaimer

From Erskine Himself

“The views expressed by our guests do not necessarily represent the views of Erskine, our sponsors, or our network. In fact if challenged we’ll deny that this program ever existed.”

From time to time our guests make certain specials available only to our listeners. ENJOY them compliments of our guests and Erskine.

The Adrian Slade Show

Adrian Slade investigates the stories in the news and connects the dots to show the big picture.

With a Degree in Business, as an Accounting Major with a License as a Tax Professional, Adrian Slade Provides unique insight into the current events in News and Politics.

As a Former Musician, Adrian also nods to underground and up and coming Music and includes this in each show.

The American Adversaries

American Adversaries Radio Network is the fastest growing local talk radio show in Metro Orlando.  Our successful format brings important political topics to our listening audience with an enlightening, humorous and entertaining style.

We call the show The American Adversaries because we enjoy an adversarial form of government which is our defense against tyranny.  This is unique in history and is why we are known as exceptional.  In order to help explain the world of politics, we liken it to the pro-wrestling universe.  Both are theaters of the absurd.  Our show’s primary focus is to bring clarity and originality to our commentaries.  Our listeners have a platform to voice their opinions as well as speak to studio guests – giving our show a special “hometown” appeal.

The goal of the show is to entertain, educate, and enlighten.  We discuss mostly national issues, but include local issues as well.  No topic is off limits.

Our guests are political authors, commentators, local and national politicians, entertainers and every-day people making a big difference in our community.  We also act as a bulletin board for select local charities and political groups.

Host Bios

ChrisChristopher Hart: Founder, show host, entrepreneur and business owner. Chris was born on a farm in Jenkinsburg, GA, Chris and his family relocated to Central Florida in 1960.

In 1982, Chris graduated from UCF with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Political Science. He attended UCF Political Science Graduate School from 1993-94 and completed course work towards a graduate program.

After working in the corporate world, in the field of live entertainment production for 20 years, Chris started his own business as a carpenter and home remodeler in 2000.

In 2010, he co-founded American Adversaries Radio Show along with Lars Adams and Nostra Dennis. The American Adversaries Radio Show debuted on September 5, 2010 on AM660 in Orlando on Sunday nights from 6-8 pm. He has overseen the growth of the show into a prime-time slot on FM 105.5 and AM 660 The Answer.

MikeMike McBath: Co-host and commentator. Mike graduated from Penn State University and played football for Joe Paterno.  He was drafted into the NFL in 1968 by the Buffalo Bills and played professional football in both the NFL and World Football League through 1974. He achieved All World League status in the WFL.

Mike put himself through the Master’s Program in Economics at the University of Florida, while playing pro football.

After receiving his Master’s Degree, he excelled for 36 years as a financial advisor and stock trader for UBS Bank. He was regularly honored with awards for out-performing his peers. He retired in 2014.

In 1991, Mike co-founded the Orlando Predators Arena Football League and oversaw team operations through the Predators’ most successful seasons.

Ever since retiring from football, Mike has been very active in the NFL Former Players Union. He has been a long time board member, president and chairman of the board – helping to insure that former players are not left out of the rewards and benefits the sport has produced. He resigned in March 2016 as the chairman.

In 2014, Mike joined the American Adversaries’ cast of characters. He became the co-host in the summer of 2015.

Kathy @ houseKathy Santomassino: Marketing Director and Sunday night show host. Kathy is a risk management consultant and business owner born and raised in Orlando. After attending UCF and working in academia, Kathy worked in retail banking, real estate and corporate sales prior to becoming self-employed in 1994.

She joined the American Adversaries team in November 2014 and has been an integral part of building American Adversaries’ corporate brand. Her responsibilities include recruiting guests, marketing and publishing the monthly newsletter.

Soaring Eagle Radio

Mike Spaulding was ordained to the ministry in 1998.  Since then he has planted two Calvary Chapel churches – Calvary Christian Fellowship, St. Marys, Ohio, in 1998, and Calvary Chapel of Lima, Ohio, in 2005, where he currently serves as teaching pastor.

Mike holds a B.A. in Organizational Management, a Masters Degree in Theological Studies, and a Ph.D. in apologetics.  He is the author of numerous articles including, “Leadership and Organizational Vision,”  “Servant Leadership,” “The Ministry of Teaching,” “A Brief Look At Romans 13,” and “How and Why Should We Study the Bible.”  He is a contributing author to the soon to be released, The Baker Dictionary of World Religions, H. Wayne House, General Editor.  Mike has written for several apologetics ministries including Got Questions? ( and the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry ( and maintains his own radio and podcast platforms – The Transforming Word ( Soaring Eagle Radio ( and his blog, Dr. Mike Spaulding (

His teaching ministry is featured on the radio program “The Transforming Word,” heard on stations throughout the Midwest United States.  In 2013 he launched The Transforming Word Bible Institute, to enable students to study at their own pace, and serves as its President. He is the host of the radio and podcast show, Soaring Eagle Radio, heard on Red Nation Rising Radio (, Global Star Radio Network (, and WTTP FM ( and available on all major subscription services including iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and On The Objective (

Mike’s professional memberships include the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the International Society of Christian Apologetics, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Evangelical Political Scholars Association.  He serves on the board of directors of The Transforming Word Radio Ministries.

Mike has been married to his lovely wife Kathy for over 34 years and together they have four daughters and five grandchildren.

You may contact Mike via email – or by writing him at the address below.  You may follow him on Twitter – @ccpastormike @soaringeaglerad

Dr. Mike Spaulding
Calvary Chapel of Lima
682 W. Grand Avenue
Lima, Ohio 45801

The Alan Nathan Show

Tired of the usual liberal/conservative treatment that strangles most media debates? Fed up with positions ignored unless they meet their pigeon-holed agenda? Then tune in to Alan Nathan, the centrist with teeth, as he advances a more biting aggressiveness to both sides of the political spectrum. Named three times by Talkers Magazine as one of the top 100 talk hosts in the country, Alan Nathan has gone toe-to-toe with national leaders, columnists and extremists from all corridors of public argument. Also known as the “militant moderate,” Alan Nathan is an Achievement in Radio award nominated host and former national television correspondent.

Every program begins with his mantra, “We want the Republicans out of our bedrooms, the Democrats out of our wallets, and both out of our First and Second Amendment rights.” (He additionally challenges the Libertarians.) He’s been called the “centrist with teeth,” who conducts a guest-generated, panel-driven, dialogue and debate show that moves at about 125mph. Alan insists that regardless of the issue, (political, social or cultural) one can be both substantive and spirited.

As an eyewitness on 9-11, Alan was the first member of the media to report the attack on the Pentagon. Compelling and irreverent, Alan has often been a guest panelist on a myriad of television outlets including CNN and The Fox News Channel. He lectures at live events (Harvard, American University, George Mason University, etc.) and has had numerous published writings carried by such outlets as The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, World Net Daily, Insight Magazine and Front Page Magazine. Excerpts from his columns have been quoted on the floor of the House of Representatives and were additionally cited in The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune. Now in his 17th year of national syndication, the Battle continues . . .

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The Dave Weinbaum Show

Two weeks before Dave’s father, Melvin Weinbaum, died of prostate cancer, Mel told Dave he wished he’d done more with his talents.

Listening to his dad’s lament spurred Dave to begin writing shortly after Mel’s passing in 1993. Dave began writing one liners like he was Forrest Gump crisscrossing the country — only Dave is still going.

Thus far he’s authored 44,000 original quotes and jokes. A small portion of Dave’s one liners have been published in the National Enquirer, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, various newspapers, hundreds of thousands of Internet sites, and random bathroom walls around the world. Dave started doing calendars of HIS favorite originals in 1999.

Dave has added a few new wrinkles to his life other than the obvious facial ones. He has written political op-eds, many of them humorous and satirical, that have been published in the prestigious Jewish World Review and various other publications for the last five years. Dave is featured alongside of many of the legends in political analysis, including Charles Krauthammer,
Nat Hentoff, George Will, Diana West, Jack Kelley, Cal Thomas, Larry Elder, Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Steyn, John Stossel, Ann Coulter, and Thomas Sowell.

Politicians have stolen (OK, used) Dave’s writings in their speeches, most recently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Before the start of a town hall meetings, one of Dave’s columns suggesting questions was used to advise Senator Arlen Spector’s constituents. Many of those questions were asked of the senator and used in subsequent town halls.

A few years ago Dave entered the field of radio talk show hosts and currently produces and stars on The Dave Weinbaum Show on KTTR Rolla (99.7FM and 1490AM) for listeners in Central Missouri

Dave is also a frequent emcee of the Mid-Missouri Tea Party.

At 65, Dave is having the MOTHER of mid-life crises. Dave lives by one of his most often cited quotes:

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.

What Exactly is “New Media”?

At no other time, since the dawn of radio, have we been in a position to change the definition of radio so drastically. In the next five years, if not much sooner, what we all know as radio will sound, and LOOK, much different.

To some, radio will never change. It will always be a frequency selection on a dial that allows a listener to receive analog (or digital) signals "over the air" to their portable, mobile or table top device. Thus, providing the listener with the ability to wonder what the person on the other side of the "voice" looks like. In the future, the wonder will give way to everyday knowledge. "Radio" will begin to look much different. With the advent of smart phones and smart devices like tablets and smaller laptops and social media tools and software, more companies have found that voyeurism sells. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have been providing users the ability to follow other people's daily life, almost minute-by-minute in some cases, for nearly a decade. Some are even so addicted to the "soap opera" of other people's lives that they can't sleep through an entire night without picking up their device to see what the latest news or gossip is. These same companies have now upped the ante. They have released software that allows anyone to personally broadcast live events from their smart device anytime anywhere. While this "me cast" has been going on for more than a year, it is now rapidly taking hold in one of the last industries that one would have imagined would be jumping on the bandwagon... traditional radio.

A Face for Radio

I've heard it said many times over the years by my friends in radio broadcasting circles, "I have a face for radio!" And, in most cases, the person making the statement is correct (present company included). However, more and more we're beginning to finally see what that person on the other side of the voice looks like and what their interests are through an emerging new technology phenomenon called "New Media".

New Media isn't simply a term that's being used to describe a new form of audio tape or compact disk. Those are relics long forgotten by some and never known by many. New Media is an entirely new way of thinking about communication in this era where technology manages much of our lives and would leave us a blubbering mess if we didn't have access to a smart device or the Internet for more than an hour.

As a radio station owner and broadcaster, I've experienced this new phenomenon in several ways over this past year, but none more exciting than watching the growth of Facebook's new platform, Facebook Live within this industry. This is Facebook's new technology that allows its users to immediately start a live broadcast from their smart device within seconds. It's been used to film events as they happen, both good and bad, and has proven to have the ability to divide an entire country. Other platforms like Twitter-owned Periscope or Life On Air's Meerkat have been around longer, but didn't take off in the radio industry like Facebook Live seems to have.

New Media In a New Era

New Media is the melding of several technologies to enhance communication to a listener, and now viewer, be it news, music, talk shows, etc., thereby opening doors for broadcasters that simply weren't there in full before. As an example, my company Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc has been growing in the New Media realm for the better part of a year and things are getting absolutely crazy. I own and operate the Talk America Radio Network, a multi-stream Internet and terrestrial network of conservative talk shows. The Talk America Radio Network is comprised of more than 60 radio talk show hosts and podcasters broadcasting on two Internet streams 24/7. We operate at the intersection of terrestrial (AM/FM) radio, Internet radio and LIVE video broadcasting. We're pushing the boundaries of what radio has been for many years and we're dragging it kicking and screaming all the way into the next century.

The Talk America Radio Network operates as an Internet talk radio network, but we have partnered with several terrestrial (AM/FM) radio stations across the country to provide programming on the weekends and in the overnight hours.  However, combining social media with Internet and terrestrial radio is not new. What is new, however, is combining the phenomenal power of Facebook Pages and Groups and their sometimes millions of followers with Facebook Live and the world of radio broadcasting. More and more radio shows, whether talk radio or DJ hosted morning/drive-time shows, are beginning to broadcast their shows over Facebook Live to reach a new demographic... those people with their heads buried in the Facebook newsfeed of their favorite smart device at all hours of the day and night.

Watch the Facebook pages of podcasters and radio stations and you'll begin to see many of the show hosts, yes, even those with "a face for radio", broadcasting their shows live not only to their listeners the "old-fashioned" way, but to those listener/viewers via a Facebook Live session that has the potential to really fire up a crowd. Facebook Live provides users with the ability not only to watch/hear their favorite talk show or radio host, but to also interact with them live through the Facebook comments section that acts as a chat room feed during the broadcast. There's nothing like being a show host broadcasting via Facebook Live and receiving live updates from your loyal, and sometimes not-so-loyal, listeners and viewers. Ahhh... Live Radio!

Many radio show hosts are just now learning about Facebook Live and the benefits of expanding their show demographics. Others have been using the tools for several months now and are becoming very successful at reaching many more listeners/viewers. Many of those hosts are becoming quite good at video production themselves or they are hiring production companies, like mine, to broadcast for them. While broadcasting via Facebook Live is easiest using their hand-held smart device, there are other ways to make the production professional and even satisfy the needs of their advertisers in ways not possible or thought of before.

Just a Small Amount of Effort

If a radio show host wants to take every opportunity they can to make the biggest impact on their followers and advertisers in social media, there are tools and companies that can help make their Facebook Live broadcast professional and interactive enough to keep the viewer/listener tuned in for the entire program. Some effort must be put forth, however, to find the right software tools to make the production stand out. There are software applications such as the free OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) platform used by video game-ographers that like to record their games for training other players all the way up to the costly professional production applications like Wirecast from Telestream or LiveStream just to name a few. All of these platforms will help make a full-blown production out of what used to be a simple radio show. Trust me, your advertisers will definitely benefit from the capabilities afforded by you putting their logos on-screen and sending them to all of your station's and partner's millions of Facebook followers.

If you're a radio show host that just simply wants to experiment with Facebook Live and see what it will do for you, get out your smart device, purchase a small tool called an iRig Pre (found at for under $35) and an XLR to 1/4" TRS cable. This will allow you to simply plug the 1/4" TRS into your studio's secondary headphone jack and put the broadcast directly into the input of your smart device. Doing so will allow your audience to not only hear you when you're live on the air, but will also allow them to hear your callers, music* and commercials. If you don't do this, then your listeners/viewers will only hear from your smart device's microphone what goes on in the studio when the studio mic is hot... and that lends itself to them hearing a lot of dead air and ogling the hot guy/gal behind the microphone. 😉

* Be careful to follow Facebook's terms and conditions about rights.

Drive Time SitRep


Join Don Neuen, co-host of Cowboy Logic Radio and Denise Simon, host of The Denise Simon Experience for a weekly Situation Report, or SITREP…

18 Hours a day, Denise Simon lives her life as an Intel Analyst…

18 Hours a day, Don Neuen lives his life in the world of rock & roll buses…

One hour each day, Neuen receives a daily SITREP from Simon…

Welcome to the Drive Time Situation Report, a new concept in talk radio…  

Fasten your seatbelt, you’re now in Don Neuen’s car, and he is calling in for his SITREP!




Chris X  is the Mystery man behind ChrisXradio.  He got his start at a local T.V. News Station where he quickly moved into radio to help launch Houston’s only Business Radio Station 650am.  After hosting the Public Affairs program, he graduated to co-hosting the highly-rated Afternoon drive-time show Streettalk.  This program quickly climbed into syndication where Chris X became infamous for not only his moniker, but his opinions as well.

Chris X invites callers to join in a dialogue that sometimes gets heated, but always entertains.  ChrisXradio takes a unique look at our world and all of the issues that drive the sociological environment that we call “Americana.” Even though the debate is often fierce, humor and quick wit is what keeps ChrisXradio far from mundane.

Call in and talk to Chris X Live on Weekdays (10am-11am ET) at 281-769-5355.

Make sure you follow Chris X on Twitter (@ChrisXradio) or go to Facebook and “Like” the Chris X Fanpage.

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Our Format

The iWork4Him radio program broadcasts weekdays to share testimonies, hear from authors and speakers and tackle topics to encourage you to look at your workplace as your mission field.

Our Mission

The Mission of iWork4Him is to be involved in purposefully equipping vibrantly effective Christ Followers in the workplace.

Our Hosts

Jim Brangenberg

An entrepreneur for life, Jim has an expertise in working with small business owners to help them grow more profitable and cherish their employees along the way. His God-gifted ability is to ask the right questions, which lead to identifying opportunities for improvement and growth within a business.

With over 30 years of entrepreneurial expertise, Jim has made plenty of mistakes which have granted him the wisdom to be a great mentor and coach for most small business leaders. Jim is passionate about his faith in Jesus and it drives his passion for excellence in everything he does. Jim’s core values are Boldness, Transparency, Vulnerability, Integrity and Generosity.

Martha Brangenberg

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Martha has been involved in small business her entire life. Gifted with an attention to detail and a sweet sensitive spirit, Martha is able to help small business owners tighten their operation, fine-tune their processes and bring daily encouragement to their people. Martha is a servant leader with a deep faith in Jesus.

Martha has worked alongside Jim for their 30 years of marriage, complementing him by bringing in almost a decade of retail management experience, and an outstanding record of over the top customer service and project management. They have three grown children, two of which are married, and two grandchildren.

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Armed American Radio


Focusing on the second amendment and everything related to the topic, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters bring a unique blend of conservative talk, humor and hard-hitting truth about the fundamental right to bear arms that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare discuss.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Constitutional Rights
  • The Politics of Guns
  • Safety and Training Issues
  • Political Efforts to Infringe on Your Freedoms
  • Gun-Grabber Groups and Their Lies
  • New Products
  • Living a Concealed Carry Lifestyle
  • Concealed Carry Techniques and Methods
  • Grilling While Armed
  • And Everything Else Related to Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Host Mark Walters makes absolutely NO apologies for defending your freedoms and your GOD-GIVEN right to defend yourself and your family, a right so eloquently enshrined in our constitution. The 2nd Amendment folks, IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE on Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters.

armedamericanradio_squareMark Walters-Nationally Syndicated Host, Author, Magazine Columnist, Activist, Speaker

In November of 2002 just two weeks after the birth of his daughter, Mark found himself the secondary intended victim of an apparent carjacking attempt while stopped at a traffic light on E. Fletcher Ave. in the Suitcase City section of Tampa, FL while on his way to work one day.  Luckily on that November morning he was carrying his Glock 36, 45 caliber handgun. When the criminals, both of them, found themselves unable to get into the vehicle stopped just off of his left bumper, they turned their attention towards him.

Watching the frightening events unfold in front of him and happening at a frantic pace, Mark un-holstered his weapon and leveled his 45 at the criminal standing just feet away from him and approaching his vehicle. When confronted with a gun pointed directly at his chest and without having to squeeze the trigger, the closest attacker waved off his partner and both men retreated to their vehicle and fled the scene.

That frightening experience became the subject of his first column with Concealed Carry Magazine titled “The Importance of Carrying Your Gun 100% of The Time”, now listed in the magazines “Best Of” category.  Now a Regular Contributing Editor for Concealed Carry Magazine he has been penning his column “One to the Head” (formerly The Ordinary Guy) for over 11 years.

Mark had always been a supporter of the right to bear arms but rededicated his life to the preservation of our second amendment rights after that frightening event.  His letters and opinions appeared many times in the Tampa Tribune over the years countering the anti-gun views of a local anti-gun crusader. Mark is the co-author of two critically acclaimed books.  His first, Lessons from Armed America, co-written with Kathy Jackson ( foreword by Massad Ayoob), was released in October 2009 by Whitefeather Press to great reviews and highlights the stories of those who found found themselves the victims of violent crime and either used a gun or wished they had one when they needed it most, including his own story.  Written in groundbreaking format, Mark told the story of the frightening events of true crime which his co-author followed with critical analysis.  His second book, Lessons from Unarmed America written in the same format with famed trainer and self-defense expert Rob Pincus includes a foreword by rock star and activist Ted Nugent.

Both national radio shows have broken new ground in the world of talk radio by bringing significant exposure to the plights of Americans right to self-defense.  Interviewing some of the nations biggest news makers and activists as well as hard hitting political commentary on the days current firearm news, both the weekend and weekday show are one of a kind. The list of folks Mark speaks with includes rock stars, country singers, radio personalities, national and local politicians, TV stars, internationally recognized trainers, weapons experts, criminal psychologists, television hosts, authors, attorneys, real people who have used a firearm to defend themselves against violent attack and regular, ordinary folks who make a difference.

Mark was one of the headline speakers at the Second Amendment March in Washington, DC on April 19th, 2010 joining other guests such as Suzanna Hupp, Sheriff Mack, Dick Heller, Mancow, and others who proudly proclaimed the birthright of every American to keep and bear arms. He has appeared countless times as a guest on local and national radio shows including the Mike Gallagher Show, Bill Bennet’s Morning in America, The Michael Medved Show, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Lars Larson, The Bill Cunningham Show, The Janet Mefford Show and many, many others including co-hosting the nationally syndicated G. Gordon Liddy program. In addition, Mark was a guest on Fox Businees Channel’s The Stossel Show, with John Stossel to discuss the topic of More Guns, Less Crime and appeared weekly as a guest on the popular live web TV program, American Trigger Sports Network with host James Towle as well as the Stop the Threat television series.

Mark is a member of the NRA, an NRA Certified Instructor in three disciplines, a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation as well as a card carrying member of the Second Amendment Foundation, The Gun Owners of America and a vocal 2nd amendment activist. In the spare time of his “real life,” he ran his own successful business for over 13 years and now works full time to bring you Armed American Radio and the Daily defense shows.

Mark defends our freedoms with the RIGHT voice at the RIGHT time and brings a frank discussion of the right to defend your life to FREEDOM loving Americans 6 days a week!


Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters are broadcast live to the nation from the Crossbreed Holsters Studios and are heard in a combined hundreds of cities across the nation.  Mark’s voice can be heard on radio stations across America at various hours of the day and night, 7 days per week, somewhere!


Because our freedoms are at stake. We are now faced with the most ANTI-FREEDOM, GUN HATING, administration and agenda in our nation’s history. The timing for this program is no coincidence. Patriotic Americans are needed to stand up and defend our Constitutional rights now more than ever. The onslaught of gun-haters who want to take away your freedoms CAN NOT AND WILL NOT GO UNATTENDED BY THE USCCA and Mark Walters.

The Michael Cutler Hour



I think it is absolutely essential that I explain who I am.  I also feel it is important to explain why I have embarked upon a mission to provide insight about our nation’s many failures in securing the United States borders. My opinions are based on thirty years of experience with the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Beyond my professional experience, I’d also like you to understand that who I am as a human being is a foundation for my opinions as well. 

Why is immigration such a large issue?  Immigration impacts many of the most important challenges confronting our nation today.  It impacts national security, criminal justice, the economy, the environment, health care and education (to name a few).  Anyone who believes that these issues need addressing must also address the immigration component of these issues.

Personal History

michaelcutlerI am a proud member of the Jewish faith.  I am and have always been a registered Democrat.  My parents were also Democrats.  My dad was a plumber.  He was born in Brooklyn, New York nearly 100 years ago.  His parents and most of his siblings came to the United States from Russia a couple of years before he was born.  His father (my grandfather) was a Cossack, which is a soldier in the Russian Army.  He hated the conditions in Russia.  He especially hated the way that the Tsar treated the peasants and the Jews.  I was told my grandfather was all about justice.

My mother was born in Poland and legally immigrated to the United States as a teenager a few years before the Great Depression.  My mother’s mother (my grandmother) was not able to immigrate to the United States.  My grandfather had divorced my grandmother and refused to bring her to the United States.  Consequently, my mother lived by herself in a rooming house.  She got her first job in an umbrella factory, a job that paid all of three dollars per week.

When the Holocaust swept through Europe, my grandmother was among the many millions of people who were slaughtered.  In fact, many of my mother’s relatives perished in the Holocaust.  They paid the ultimate price for being Jews.  I believe that the Holocaust represented not only an unbelievable example of extreme cruelty but also the ultimate manifestation of bigotry.  In my world, bigotry is utterly unacceptable.

September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001, I was home with a leg injury.  (The injury was a result of my participation in a field operation involving the FBI and NYPD that took place nearly 2 years earlier.  I was assisting with the execution of arrest and search warrants of a violent drug gang when my knee, that had been injured in line of duty injuries several times before, gave out.)  I had driven my youngest son to school in the heart of Brooklyn when a New York City Police helicopter flew overhead, apparently heading towards lower Manhattan..  As someone who had done some flight training back in college (I had logged about 20 hours of solo flight time) and having flown in an NYPD helicopter to do some photography before a major arrest operation with the DEA, I tend to notice aircraft.  On that day, I noticed that the NYPD chopper was flying very fast.

I didn’t think much about the chopper until I returned home with my wife.  Upon opening the front door to our home I noticed the television, which was still on from earlier that day.  I was stunned to see flames and smoke pouring out of the north tower of the World Trade Center Complex.  I then watched the second airliner slice through the south tower.  Shortly thereafter, we saw the ashes of the World Trade Center flutter down on my home.  Many of my neighbors had come out of their houses weeping.  Many of their spouses, children and parents worked at the World Trade Center.  They knew that the lives of their loved ones were in jeopardy.  

On that day our nation was attacked.  On that day it was also my city that was attacked.  My rage and frustation was (and still is) immense.  Our nation had received so many “wake up” calls and it seems that all that our nation’s leaders had simply hit the “snooze” button and refused to do what was necessary.  (On February 26, 1993 the World Trade Center was first attacked.  The Clinton Administration did nothing to address the immigration component of that terrorist attack.  In fact, a couple of short years after that attack, the Clinton Administration embarked in a program to naturalize as many aliens as possible known as “Citizenship USA.”  Rather than address the national security aspects of immigration, they chose to ignore the crisis.)

Professional History

I began my career with the agency that had been known as the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) in October, 1971 as an immigration inspector assigned to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.  

From 1973 until 1974 I was assigned as an examiner to the unit which was responsible for adjudicating petitions filed by United States Citizens and Lawfully Admitted Permanent Resident Aliens (LPRs) on behalf of their alien spouses to accord them LPR status. My goal in this assignment was to attempt to uncover fraud marriages and fraud marriage rings. 

In August 1975 I became a Criminal Investigator (Special Agent) for the INS at NYC. I rotated through virtually every squad in the Investigations Branch. As a special agent I conducted investigations and arrests of individuals involved in a wide variety of immigration-related violations of law including a number of international terrorists.

From 1988 until 1991 I was assigned as the INS representative to the Unified Intelligence Division (UID) of the DEA in New York. In 1991 I was promoted to the position of Senior Special Agent and was assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) which required that he work with members of other law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF, U.S. Customs and local and state police as well as law enforcement organizations of other countries including Israel, Canada, Great Britain and Japan, to conduct investigations of aliens involved in major drug trafficking organizations.  These investigations ultimately resulted in the seizure of the assets of these criminals and their arrests and successful prosecutions for a wide variety of criminal violations. 

I remained in this position for the balance of my career.  My career was unusual in that it provided me with a sort of “Grand Tour” that gave me an extensive insight into many aspects of immigration and also provided me with an intimate view on how immigration impacted other law enforcement agencies within the United States.  

The past and the future

In May, 1997 I was called upon to testify before a Congressional hearing on the issue of Visa Fraud and Immigration Benefit Fraud by the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims.  This would be my first appearance before a Congressional hearing but would certainly not be my last.  

After the attacks of September 11, 2001 I was called upon to testify before more than one dozen Congressional hearings and was requested to provide testimony to the Presidential Committee on the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.  

Since the attacks of 9/11 I have endeavored to do whatever I can in order to provide my perspectives on immigration that impact everything from national security and criminal justice to the economy, the environment, education, health care and other issues.

The immigration issue is so incredibly important to our nation and, while it is often portrayed as being of great concern to so-called political “Conservatives,” in my view, it must be of great concern to all Americans of all political perspectives and affiliations.  In fact, I have been a registered Democrat ever since I cast my first ballot as a college student.

Democracy is supposed to be about discourse and the honest and open debate in which all perspectives are considered before critical decisions are made.  My goal is to provide the insight that I have acquired during my career which spanned some 30 years and continued through my interaction with politicians, journalists and others with whom I have interacted as an INS officer and since my departure from that agency and my involvement in Congressional hearings and media appearances.

The Sharon Hughes Show


Sharon Hughes is the Founder and President of The Center for Changing Worldviews and Host of The Sharon Hughes Show.

Saying it like it is on the most critical cultural and political issues of our day, such as domestic and global government and elections, the Middle East, racial and religious discrimination, family and women’s issues, education and media bias.

Sharon’s guests have included Senators and other government leaders, public policy and pro-family experts, authors and journalists, doctors and religious leaders, such as David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, Phyllis Schlafly, America’s Rabbi Aryeh Spero, George Barna and many others.

An advocate for the innocent, the persecuted and our troops, Sharon continually encourages her listeners to boldly stand for the right and expose the wrong.

Visit us:

The Sam Sorbo Radio Show


Sam Sorbo is known for her quick wit, fun personality, voracious work ethic, and strong commitment to principle. She holds many titles including radio host, actress, international model, activist, author, wife, mother, and home schooling advocate.

After high school in Pittsburg, PA, Sam studied biomedical engineering at Duke University before pursuing a career in modeling. Modeling offered her the chance to travel and learn languages; she is fluent in five. Sam moved to Los Angeles for acting, where dedication and perseverance gained her roles in several films (Bonfire of the Vanities and Twenty Bucks) and TV shows, including Chicago Hope and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Hercules introduced her to Kevin Sorbo, who swept her off her feet. They married in 1998 and she moved to New Zealand. While living in Auckland, Sam created and published a humorous and educational photo-book, Gizmoe: The Legendary Journeys, Auckland. Sam’s most recent book, with co-author Marius Forté, is The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven.  She is radio host of nationally syndicated The Sam Sorbo Show, speaks publically around the country and recently appeared in the movies Hope Bridge, with Kevin Sorbo and Boo Boo Stewart, and Just Let Go with Ian Cusick, for which she won “Best Supporting Actress” at the Utah Film Festival.

Sam’s new book, They’re YOUR Kids: An inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate, recently released to rave reviews. Of course, the Sorbos home school their three children.

Visit Sam at:

Listen now:

The Savage Nation

Michael Savage Banner

Mike-Savage-150Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement, heard by millions of listeners a week across the United States. He is also the author of 25 books, including four New York Times best-sellers. In 2007, his media presence and profile earned him the coveted “Freedom of Speech Award” from Talkers Magazine.

His passion to discuss the truth about liberalism, borders, language and culture, and his unparalleled stand for America’s families, has made him the most important figure in the fight for free speech and ideals in America today.

He is the only member of the U.S. media ever blacklisted and banned from a Western nation. His ban from visiting Britain in June 2009 has made him the “poster child” for free speech, not only for Americans concerned about the cultural shift towards totalitarianism and their rights to freedom of expression, but for people around the globe. In mid-2009, this worldwide media attention concerning the ban resulted in a New Yorker magazine profile of him.

Savage’s first novel, “Abuse of Power,” became a New York Times best-seller in September. His new book, “Train Tracks,” is a collection of family stories for the holidays. The thriller is a fictionalized account of being banned from Britain and hunted by overbearing governments.

Dr. Savage holds a master’s degree in medical botany and a second in medical anthropology. Additionally, he earned his PhD. from the University of California at Berkeley in epidemiology and nutrition sciences. He is an ardent conservationist, is dedicated to his family and is a proud patriot of his country.

The Kevin Jackson Show

Kevin Jackson is a father of four sons, and an unlikely success story, given his background.

He is a former management consultant having some of the world’s largest companies as his former clients.  Interaction with prominent business leaders, as well as being a business leader himself has provided Jackson real world perspective to politics.

“What you learn about America is people are a lot less interested in race than they are in character.”  Jackson believes that empowerment comes when you know who you are and what you stand for.

Jackson is a national speaker, a radio show host on Salem Communications out of Tampa, FL, and he is a frequent guest on a variety of other national radio shows.

In addition to his Amazon best-selling The BIG Black Lie, Jackson has released his sophomore offering, Sexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies.

If you think you recognize Jackson, it is likely from his numerous TV appearances on the Glenn Beck Show, The Factor with Bill O’Reilly, and MSNBC to name a few.

kevinoutdoorsJackson writes his almost daily blog, and is a syndicated writer for  He contributes to  Breitbart’s Big Government, as well as Human Events and American Thinker. His work has been been featured in Townhall magazine, and about all other national print media.

Along with being a Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, Jackson earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University.  He owned his own manufacturer’s representative agency in Texas and served as the Vice President of Sales for a Dallas-based technology firm. Jackson has been part of the executive management team for various IT systems integration firms, notables being Hitachi Consulting and CSC Consulting, and he has provided management consulting services to some of the world’s largest corporations.

Jackson in his own words …

Due to the death of my mother when I was five, I was adopted and raised by my grandparents who were staunch Democrats.  I recall as a child watching Reagan give a speech in his unsuccessful run for the presidency, after which I said to my grandparents, “Why are we Democrats, when what we believe is what that guy [Reagan] just said?”

That moment was the birth of The Black Sphere—self-appointed “Offender of the Left” sworn to set the record straight on the destruction by Democrats to the black community.

I am just a poor kid, who was fortunate enough to have been exposed to what the world has to offer in a most unique way.  I witnessed life through black and white, and through poverty and wealth.  I have always held an optimistic outlook, and my grandparents instilled in me a “no excuses mentality,” combined with work ethic.

I am flawed for sure, but I have always decided to like what I see in the mirror, despite my flaws.  I strive to be a better person, and to give my best to all situations.  I am a believer in God and family, and feel fortunate to have you read my words, thus giving me a voice.


Co-Host, Cowboy Logic Radio
VP, Donna Fiducia Productions

Don Neuen_RNRCOWBOY LOGIC was created in 2008 as Don Neuen’s diatribes on social media.

Throughout the next few years, Neuen’s rants and raves became popular, especially on Facebook, with debates continuing for days, sometimes weeks on particular subjects such as Obama and his failed policies, the GOP Establishment, RINOs, Socialists, Marxists, and Corrupt Politicians.

In early 2013, Neuen and the love of his life, Donna Fiducia (former Fox News Channel Anchor), found themselves screaming at the television in complete disgust!

They looked at each other, and decided to start their own Internet based radio show:  COWBOY LOGIC RADIO.

Within a few months, they formed WDFP-Restoring America Radio as an Internet based radio network, and over the next few months created and produced original Conservative Talk Radio shows such as “Black Man Thinkin'”, “The Denise Simon Experience”, “The Truth About South Africa”, and “Squashing Liberalism”.

In 2014, WDFP-Restoring America Radio formed a partnership with Scott James, owner of multiple terrestrial radio stations, including WDDQ – Talk 92.1FM in Valdosta, GA, WJHC – Talk 107.5 in Jasper, FL and WSFB – Quitman, GA.

In 2015, Fiducia and Neuen formed a partnership with Premo Mondone, founder of Red State Talk Radio, to create the Dominant Force in Conservative Internet Talk Radio.  And they did just that!

The combined powerhouse of Premo Mondone, Donna Fiducia, Scott James and Don Neuen created the perfect marriage between Internet & Terrestrial radio.

On February 27, 2016, devastation hit the RSTR family, as Premo Mondone passed away suddenly.

Unfortunately, about a month after Premo’s death, due to operational and managerial differences with new partners, Neuen, Fiducia and James decided the best and only thing to do was to collectively resign from Red State Talk Radio and focus their combined efforts on increasing the south Georgia / north Florida terrestrial talk radio market.

The trio of Donna Fiducia, Scott James and Don Neuen will continue to create and develop original, alternative radio programming with a focus on worldwide distribution via the Internet as a tribute to the legacy of Premo Mondone.

In early May 2016, Gene Beradelli introduced Don to Ron Phillips and the Talk America Radio Network was born!  Along with Donna Fiducia and Scott James, they formed the logistical team needed to create and launch Talk America Radio…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the mainstream media has completely failed the American people…  Cowboy Logic Radio and Talk America Radio will NOT fail you!

You can catch Cowboy Logic Radio on Talk America Radio at various times throughout the week on both Justice and Liberty.


Red Nation Rising

JAMES “JIM” LYSAGHT is the founder and creator of Twitter’s Red Nation Rising, more specifically, #RedNationRising.

Red Nation Rising started four days after Obama”s re-election in 2012 from a single Tweet using the #RedNationRising hashtag and three weeks later that was the Number One Twitter trend in the entire World.

24 BILLION Social Media Impressions later, Red Nation Rising is a viral Internet and Social Media phenomenon which has transitioned to serious and effective national, grassroots organization.

There is a libertarian and conservative communications revolution happening on new, digital, social media and it”s happening from the bottom up, grassroots, organically.  These can be dark and depressing times, but Main Street USA finally has a competitive voice to traditional mainstream media outlets and it’s screaming at all hours, twenty-four seven, “We want our country back!”

With Red Nation Rising”s highly influential Twitter and Facebook presence through its social community, plus a platform which extends beyond the social networks through effective Red Red Nation Rising Chapter Leaders, we have a growing credibility which routinely results in media credentials at major events.

We love working with other groups to wake people up and take back America.

Little did he know his single tweet would inspire a Red Nation Rising movement.  With almost 24 BILLION organic Social Media Impressions since that first tweet, Red Nation Rising continues to grow with 100,000+ contributors.

James is both humbled and thrilled by the Red Nation Rising grassroots army of Social Warriors dominating social channels.


Behind Enemy Lines Radio

GB2013bGENE BERARDELLI was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Manhattan College summa cum laude, earning induction into multiple honor societies, including Phi Beta Kappa. He then earned his Juris Doctorate at Quinnipiac University School of Law – at age 23.

Aside from being the host of the national award-winning Behind Enemy Lines Radio (that you can hear right here on Talk America Radio), Gene Berardelli is a street-smart attorney with a background in civil and commercial litigation who has achieved several career achievements for his clients, including a seven-figure personal injury settlement, successfully arguing before the New York State Appellate Division, and successfully representing clients in litigation, mediations and arbitrations against such recognizable entities as the City of New York, New York City Transit Authority, JPMorgan Chase Bank, TD Wealth Management Services, Inc., The Long Island Railroad, and Macy’s.

He brings his expertise to Red Nation Rising as a legal and business advisor.  

Gene is also a noted NY Election Law expert whose opinion has been cited in scholarly works and featured in articles in the New York Daily News, Crain”s New York Business, Independent Voter Network, and  He has taught Election Law and Ethics at several CLE courses for attorneys at the New York City Lawyers Association and has served as a member of the City Bar’s Election Law Committee where he has authored positions on pending legislation.


President, Donna Fiducia Productions
Co-Host, Cowboy Logic Radio

DONNA FIDUCIA gained international recognition when she was hired by The Fox News Channel, New York, NY in September 1999 as an anchor and live host.

In 2003, she was reassigned to overnight duty where she was both a long-form and news update anchorwoman.  In late 2006, she retired from The Fox News Channel and relocated to Georgia.

Prior to The Fox News Channel, she worked at Fox-owned WNYW in New York City.  In her four years at WNYW, she was a general assignment reporter for the 10 o”clock news.

She also anchored Good Day New York and Good Day Sunday where she not only anchored the news but did celebrity and lifestyle interviews.  Fiducia gained national recognition as the host of Entertainment Watch on VH-1, featuring entertainment news and celebrity interviews from movie stars to musicians.

Donna became New York”s first television helicopter traffic reporter at WNBC-TV in 1995.  She was also a general assignment reporter for Live At Five, the 6 and 11 o”clock news and Weekend Today.

Donna began her career at Shadow Traffic in New York.  She went on to report from WNBC Radio”s “N Copter” where she worked daily with Howard Stern and Don Imus.

She was also the news director and morning news anchor of the famed rock radio station WNEW-FM.  Donna also has done some acting in the first rap-influenced feature length movie, Tougher Than Leather with Run DMC, and on the 1980 CBS television show The Equalizer in which she performed the role of a newscaster. In 2006, she was in the movie Being Michael Madsen in which she again played the role of a reporter. Donna graduated from Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ in 1975, and subsequently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seton Hall University with degrees in both Communications and Political Science.  She was active in the college”s radio station, WSOU-FM. She also studied flute and piccolo during this time.

She is an avid horseback rider and has won numerous state and national championships in equestrian events as a hunter/jumper. In addition, she is competing at barrel racing in rodeos.  Currently, Fiducia resides in Georgia where she owns, raises and trains champion warmbloods and quarter horses on her horse farm, Double D Ranch.

In 2007, she founded her own Georgia-based production company, Donna Fiducia Productions, Inc. which specializes in media production, soundtrack music, voice-over talent, media training, and political campaigns marketing.  She currently serves as President and CEO of the company. And in 2016, she was selected as a GOP Delegate for Carroll County, Georgia.

In addition, Donna is in demand as a featured speaker, college lecturer, and as a moderator. She is also a media coach and political adviser.

Catch Donna, along with Don Neuen, as they team up each week on Cowboy Logic Radio.  You can find them on both Justice and Liberty on Talk America Radio!


Owner/Operations Manager,
Talk America Radio Network

In 2015, RON PHILLIPS determined that not enough was being done to protect our rights and our country.  iCRN – The Internet’s Conservative Radio Network was conceived out of his love for this great country and because of the friendship of many other conservative talk show hosts and radio station managers around our nation.  Ron re-branded iCRN to Talk America Radio on July 4, 2017.

The sincere support and extraordinary generosity of those that made this possible through their time, efforts and knowledge cannot be shown enough gratitude and appreciation. They are the true heroes. They are all patriots in the fight to get this country back on track before there’s nothing left to fight for.

A personal special thanks to Mr. Premo Mondone, the founder of what was once the top conservative radio network in the nation.  Premo passed away suddenly in February 2016.  He was a friend and a mentor.

As we grow and as we become a bigger force for this nation, it’s an honor to offer this small token of sincere appreciation to you, the listener, and the person for whom this station was built.

The Talk America Radio Network currently operates two (2) 128k stereo streams named Liberty and Justice as in the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance, “Liberty and Justice for All”.  Both streams are available for conservative podcasters and radio show hosts to have another avenue for getting their voice to the world.


Owner, Smalltown Broadcasting / Talk Show Host
WDDQ – Talk 92.1FM / WJHC – Talk 107.5FM / WJEM – 1150AM / WSFB – 1490AM

Scott JamesSCOTT JAMES has created a successful network of  of AM/FM Conservative talk radio stations in south Georgia and north Florida and has been well respected in that region since 1989.

In addition, he is the host of The Scott James Morning Show which is not only heard on AM/FM station, but has also been a favorite on Internet based networks such as iCRN, WDFP and now Talk America Radio.

Grassroots is Scott”s philosophy, period…  His ability to give his listeners a “small town feel”, coupled with the ability to master foreign and domestic national topics is not only refreshing, but educational.

Scott is a pioneer in creating a marriage between AM/FM radio and Internet based radio.  His model is to provide his listeners with national level show hosts such as Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, Michael Savage, Lars Larson and Mark Levin during daytime hours, but instead of the normal “repeats” overnight, he infuses top rate alternative talks shows from 9PM until 6AM seven days a week into his programming schedules…  This concept is way ahead of the curve and is proving to be very successful.

Catch The Scott James Morning Show, 6am-9am (eastern), Monday through Friday, on Talk America Radio – Justice!

The Caiden Cowger Program


In 2010, at the age of 12, Caiden Cowger first began hosting his show, The Caiden Cowger Program. His show now airs on several radio stations around the county, and was picked up by iHeartRadio in 2014. In 2012, he founded, which is a conservative news and opinion website, dedicated to exposing the activities of the left. The following year, he launched Cowger Network, which is a conservative television news channel distributed by Roku, Inc. One month later, he formed a digital radio station, featuring right-of-center talk show hosts from around the United States.

Visit Us:

The KrisAnne Hall Show


KAHallKrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. KrisAnne will connect the dots for you like no one else can! Host of The KrisAnne Hall Show, she pulls no punches, puts Liberty First and gives no quarter to those who hide behind party labels. Like no other host, KrisAnne will tell you what the founders had to say on today’s relevant issues .

KrisAnne is a disabled Army veteran, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife and a patriot. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, she received her undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry from Blackburn College in 1991 and her J.D. from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law and is a former Russian Linguist for the US Army. KrisAnne worked as a state prosecutor and with a prominent law firm defending religious liberty and First Amendment rights. KrisAnne lives in North Florida with her husband JC, a pastor and former Russian instructor for the US Navy, and their adopted son Colton.

Here she is in her own words:

“Right up front there are some things that I need to tell you about myself. I want you to know where I came from and how I got to where I am today. I don’t want to ever be accused of deception or dishonesty. So, in full disclosure:

I was not born a Constitutionalist. I did not live my life with an inherent understanding of Liberty and what is necessary to defend it. I was not raised a Christian. For some, these things will be a stumbling block, so you need to know from me.

I was raised a Democrat. The only thing more evil than Satan was a Republican in my home. There were no choices to be made in voting…straight Democrat party line was the only choice.

I was an environmentalist. An ardent environmentalist. Some of my best friends were members of Green Peace and I supported the WWF and PETA. I was a vegetarian by ideology, not for health reasons, for almost 15 years.

I believed in the “good” of scientific manipulations of food and the necessity of vaccines. Not only believed this, but helped create them when I was a biochemist for Monsanto.

I believed in Global Warming and defended it vigorously. I believed in the Big Bang and openly criticized those who believed in creationism as ignorant and misled.

I believed Government’s duty and purpose was to be a provider for the people. I supported programs that would give the government more control over the people. I even believed a One World Government was the best way to go to ensure “global peace.” I supported the principles of socialism, although I cannot claim to have known at the time it was socialism, per se, that I supported.

I supported abortion and often openly condemned others for being pro-life. I have argued with abortion protesters on street corners and called them names that I am not proud of._BPP0228

I was not only not a Christian, but I practiced many other religions, including many occult versions. I was bitter against God and felt that only ignorant, weak people needed faith. I was too intelligent and too educated for such a feeble crutch.

I was not born with the knowledge that I have now. I did not wake up one morning with a divine epiphany. I traveled a long road. I learned some hard and painful lessons. My beliefs were challenged and I came to know the Truth.

I am able to stand firm on what I believe because I have discovered the difference between truth and lies. I am able to defend the truth because I walked the path. I can show you my path of discovery, and to be guaranteed it is not tied to any political motivation or personal gain…unless you call the liberation that comes from knowing the truth in the face of lies, a personal gain.

So when someone says to you…”Did you know that person used to be associated with this or that group or used to believe this… How can you possibly believe him now?” Remember this story.

It is good to question someone’s “transformation”. You SHOULD do that. If they cannot show you that path, step by step, you should question their motivations.

But do not discount someone’s current position just because of who they USED to be or who they USED to associate with or what they USED to believe. Sometimes it is NOT a selfish or deceptive motivation, but a path to enlightenment. We all had to wake up somehow.

Just so you know where I stand.” -KrisAnne Hall

The Gun Owner’s News Hour


LarryPrattJoin host Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, in a fast-paced discussion of current events. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. Pratt’s interviews explore a wide range of second amendment issues, as well as other areas of life threatened by unauthorized incursions by federal, state and local governments. As the show’s announcer proclaims, “It is not just about gun control, it is about control.” Listen to the latest news on the 2nd Amendment, activism, and other related civil rights events.

The Denice Gary-Pandol Radio Show


CondeniceGaryPandol_Headshottributing to Ms. Gary-Pandol’s background knowledge on United States national security, the Middle East and Islamic terrorism are several enriching experiences. After entering graduate school at the University of Southern California’s School of International Relations, Ms. Gary-Pandol was then recommended by the Chair of Middle Eastern Studies to join Analytical Assessments Corporation, (AAC), a Middle East think tank operating in the Los Angeles and the Washington, D.C., areas.

While working with Top Secret Clearances for AAC, Ms. Gary-Pandol conducted research and analysis on U.S. national security relative to Middle Eastern issues for specific government projects by the United States’ Departments of Defense and State, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and other defense and intelligence related organizations.

After completing graduate school, with a core field of study in Middle Eastern affairs, she went on to work as a public relations writer for Eaton International conducting research and completing white papers on subjects related to classified government projects surrounding issues of national security.

She has also worked as an adjunct instructor, teaching political science courses and those related to international relations and Middle Eastern affairs at the University of California, Irvine, the American Jewish University, and various community colleges, as well as Summit Bible College.

She has also worked as a political consultant and has spoken at academic institutions and various non-government organizations. In addition, Ms. Gary-Pandol has experience with both the print and the electronic media, is published, and speaks on radio and television. Ms. Gary-Pandol has a weekly broadcast that focuses on U.S. national security, the war on Islamic militant movements, Israel and the Middle East as well as world-wide human rights crises.

You can view her website at or read her regular reports there or at and listen to her weekly broadcasts, The Denice Gary Pandol Show.

Visit Us:

The Conservative Cartel


The Conservative Cartel was born when two of the best talk show hosts in the country decided to team up and vent their frustrations about the current state of this country and its leaders. Matt Locke and Rocci Stucci feel the left is out for themselves and the right has sold us out. Our leadership has let down the American people, and the people need to know.

Since then, Matt and Rocci have appeared on each other’s shows many times and together make one of the strongest teams on radio.

Tune in to hear two of the nation’s hottest conservative talk show hosts, Matt Locke and Rocci Stucci, as they sit down and fire up their microphones for an off the cuff, no notes, no script breakdown of everything that is relevant. Sometimes it is serious, sometimes they lose their cool, and sometimes it’s down right funny, but no matter what it is informed discussion by two patriots!

You can find The Conservative Cartel LIVE on TheBlaze Radio Network every Saturday morning at 9am ET for the weekend edition of The Conservative Cartel and can catch their replay on Saturday nights at 10p ET or Tuesday evenings at 6pm ET on Talk America Radio – Justice.


Latest Episode:

The Bearded Patriot


David Pate became passionate about government and politics after the re-election of Barak Obama in 2012.  Before that, he was a lot like many people of his generation–distrustful and somewhat apathetic about the whole process.  David started listening to talk radio and doing his homework, and it hit him like a lightning bolt!  He knew then and there that he wanted to be able to share what he was learning with others, especially those of his generation.  The Bearded Patriot is a work in progress, and it’s David’s hope to continue growing his listener base.  David learns as much from his listeners as they do from him!  

A bit about David Pate:  David is a Millennial, a conservative/libertarian with a passion for freedom.  He’s a Military brat, a recovering addict, a follower of Christ, and is completely dedicated to the love of his life.

Thanks for listening.

Latest Episode:

The Larry Stevenson Show


Larry_StevensonLarry Stevenson “The Bearded Black Cowboy” – Texas’s Premier Beard heard around the world live on BlogTalkRadio and replayed daily on iCRN – The Internet’s Conservative Radio Network. Breaking News and Intelligent Talk; Cutting against the grain of the politically confused, REGARDLESS of culture or color “truth transcends” the skin.

“The Larry Stevenson Show“ is a conservative 2-hour daily talk radio show with a focus on all things Breaking News and intelligent talk. Host Larry Stevenson-The Bearded Black Cowboy explores a vast range of subjects (Current and Daily news topics, Politics, Community, Race, Business, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, Family, Faith, Police, Community, Safety etc…) with valuable insights and lively conversation from popular entertainers, celebrities, politicians, experts, athletes, authors, and other news-makers, including and more importantly; down-home everyday people.

Larry Stevenson – The Bearded Black Cowboy is a resounding community/national voice, preacher, teacher and motivational speaker specializing and being sought after to speak on the topics of community, police, faith, family, fatherhood and leadership beyond color. Larry is also the author of the book: From the Inside Out; A Look into Teen Violence and Rebellion which was published in 2003. He literally wrote the book on biblical parenting. Larry is also a regular contributor to many different news and online forums, live town halls and publications. Larry, while in Colorado, often served as a fill-in radio talk show host for Denver’s most popular Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts his mentor Peter Boyles and Dan Caplis on 710Knus AM in Denver, Colorado. Larry got his start in radio during his college days in Hastings Nebraska on KFKX with his own show “The Larry Love Show” a mix of hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Country, smooth listening and intelligent talk.

His Mentor President Ronald Reagan dedicated the communication station, cut the ribbon and handed Larry the mic!

A Conservative’s Perspective


A Conservative’s Perspective is an hour long look at the issues, both foreign and domestic that affect us in our everyday lives as well as what the future may hold based on policy decisions our leaders make now.

A current events geek since before Watergate, I have always had an interest in the politics/Government policy areas of the news, and have spent a lifetime trying to figure the whole deal out…For the last 12 years I have worked in the Special Ed. Dept of the high school I graduated from; a heavy hand on the shoulder of an unruly boy, so I have that whole “Welcome back Kotter” thing going for me.

At various times I have worked as a lifeguard, kindergarten teacher, Activities Director, a leg man for a Private Detective agency, an insurance salesman, and for a time taught musculo-skeletal anatomy, and massage therapy. I’ve been a Civil War re-enactor since 1996, and enjoy fishing, camping and many other outdoor activities.

So aside from not being able to hold a job, I have broad spectrum of experiences to help form my perspective…. A Conservative’s Perspective.

If you’re on Facebook, please come see our page by the same name, hit the “like” button and visit with us; we’ll be glad to see you.

Standing Ground


Host Jeremy Leahy began his radio career in 1997 when he was employed at Entercom Communications in Boston to serve as the producer / talent of the Eagle Morning Show. After two years at Entercom he made the move into talk radio when he was hired as an executive producer at Greater Media’s WTKK talk station. In his five years at Greater Media he produced several local and national programs. He covered two Presidential elections and countless local and national stories.

In 2005 he left Greater Media to work at CBS radio in Boston until the economic collapse resulted in several cutbacks. He was brought back to Greater Media to serve as a producer and media consultant during the 2008 Presidential election.

For the last several years, he has been actively producing an independent podcast discussing politics, law, and current events under Leahy Media. Jeremy has written articles in the political arena and was recently published in Hill Magazine in reference to an article he submitted with respect to Hillary Clinton’s recent email scandal.

With respect to the Constitution he describes himself as a “ reasonable originalist”.   He often notes the Constitution was never intended to guarantee our rights. It was intended to protect our rights.

Jeremy is a strong opponent of judicial activism. He says, “The Federal Courts’ function is to interpret law, not make law.” He admires the presidential leadership of both Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

He’s a proud member of The Republican National Committee as well as The Federalist Society.

Jeremy holds a BA in Political Science from Framingham State University and currently resides just outside Boston, Massachusetts.

He can be contacted at:

The Captain’s America – Third Watch


Our Country is in trouble! Here on “The Captain’s AMERICA Radio Show,” celebrating our 14th year of broadcasting, we believe that it’s all about what “WE” the people have to do in taking our Country back from the Progressive Left Liberal Socialists who are trying to ruin our Economy, Reduce our Military Priminence in the World and make America a Third World Country. This is all ‘in line’ with the teachings of Marxism and Socialism and “WE” the people do NOT want to be like China or Russia! I am an American and damn proud to be one and believe the majority of Americans feel the same way! Our radio show is all about “we the people” and WE have an important job to do to bring America back to its Conservative Roots…

As one of the founding members of two individual TEA Party Groups, being on the Board of Directors of three others, we are just one of the original American TEA Party Movement members who helped start the TEA Party movement across America…

We feature all the latest TEA Party News from TEA Party Groups across America, LIVE calls from our Military serving America around the World in the Global War on Terror, Great Political guests, News Maker Guests and lots MORE…

We honor ALL of those who defend, protect and serve America keeping all of us free & safe…

Whether you’re an EMT, Firefighter, Merchant Marine, Police Officer, Security Guard, Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsmen or in the Air Force, this Radio Show is dedicated to YOU and supports what each and every one of you do for America every day…

Give us a listen and you’ll find out what you’ve been missing. Often imitated but never duplicated, we are the home of “More Stimulating Talk and the original Home of Common Sense”…

CaptMattBruceAbout The Show Host –

The Show Host, Matt Bruce is a Vietnam Veteran, a Retired Fire-Rescue Captain who was injured in the line of duty, a First Responder to the attacks of September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City, a former Town Tax Assessor who helped roll back the taxes in his Hometown during the 80’s which resulted in the growth of not only the Town but also increased the tax rolls through new building and development in the process. Matt Bruce is a no nonsense American, Conservative Independent Thinking Reagan Patriot who walks the walk and talks the talk. While others try to tear down America, he and “The Captain’s AMERICA” radio show support America and stand behind the core principles that our Country was founded on…

Our Show Host, Matt Bruce, is also available for personal appearances or as an MC for  your event, see the information listed below in the Public Appearances section. Simply give Marc 727-421-0562 or Steve 813-732-3258, a call for details…

God Bless America and ALL Those Who Defend, Protect and Serve Her Keeping All Of Us FREE & SAFE!

God Bless America!



Matt Bruce

Secure Freedom Radio


Secure_Freedom_Radio_Frank_Gaffney_SmallEvery weekday evening, Secure Freedom Radio will provide you with access to the very best minds working to keep you free and secure. Our guests and regular contributors will include past and present government officials, lawmakers, military personnel, experts, journalists, commentators and freedom fighters, from here and abroad.

In addition, Secure Freedom Radio will feature regular segments with ordinary Americans doing what we have done in every generation:  Find innovative ways to secure our homeland from threats, foreign and domestic.

You can count on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney to keep you informed about those threats.  We will tell you what people like you can do to help defeat them.  And we will work to inspire you to become engaged, however you choose to do so.  After all, the survival of American democracy in an increasingly dangerous world depends on an informed electorate.

With your help and that of Secure Freedom Radio, we can ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit all the freedoms and opportunities that have made this country the place we love, the place Ronald Reagan called “a shining city on a hill.”

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The Scott James Show


Scott-JamesIf it’s happening in Valdosta and South Georgia, Scott James is on top of it!

The Scott James Show is the only way to know what’s REALLY going on in the South Georgia area! Start your day ahead of the curve. Be the first to know who’s making today’s news. Get the scoop. Get the details. Listen and learn. Scott is uniquely qualified to get you thru your morning. He has 22 years as a broadcaster, 6 years as a city councilmen, and has volunteered and/or served on various community boards. Scott has been waist deep and active in almost all community events for over 20 years.

Set your alarm clock, set your homepage and get set for those famous words, “It’s the Scott James Show!”

REELTalk with Audrey Russo


Audrey_RussoAudrey Russo is the Host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show out of NYC.

Audrey is a columnist for Liberty GB ( and handles Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues, and her articles can be read in several other news/opinion journals. She is also a contributor on

She has a BS in Education and has done graduate work in Therapeutic Counseling.

Audrey is a SAG-AFTRA member and an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.

Visit Us:

Latest Episode:

The Chris Buskirk Show


Chris headshotChris is the Publisher of Downstream Politics and the host of the Downstream Politics Podcast. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a Fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Since then he has become a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and in digital marketing.

He has been a guest on The Hugh Hewitt Show and The Seth Leibsohn Show where he contributes every Monday.

Connect with Chris on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

America Off The Rails


Join Conservative Talk show host Rowdy Ricky Robinson as he discusses the events of the day and tells it like it is.

The bottom line truth is: No one wants to face it but, at this point America is off the Rails and if we don’t get up get out and get involved soon, we may not be able to get her back on track!

Latest Episode:

Cowboy Logic Radio


DONNA FIDUCIA, former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect Conservative Cowboy, team up each week to deliver headlines and interviews with high profile guests.

The combination of Fiducia / Neuen provides humor, as well as highly vetted information on a wide variety of subjects from politics and current events, to military intelligent and foreign affairs.

With an impressive guest list, such as Clare M. Lopez, Dinesh D'Souza, LTG Jerry Boykin, MG Paul E. Vallely, Lisa Daftari, LTG Tom McInerney, Tom Del Beccaro, Brigitte Gabriel, Nonie Darwish, Sidney Powell, Amil Imani, Nagi Najjar, Tom Trento, Dr. Martin Sherman, Gerald Molen, Michael Cutler, Gordon Chang, Bill Donohue, Tom DeWeese, and Pamela Geller, Cowboy Logic Radio delivers in depth interviews the far surpass anything the mainstream media can, or will offer.  This show is always ahead of the curve!

Cowboy Logic Radio was the recipient of the 2016 Premo Mondone Excellence in Broadcasting Award (RNRR)
Cowboy Logic Radio was the recipient the 2015 Excellence in Broadcasting Award  (RSTR)

Official Website:
Facebook:  Cowboy Logic Facebook Page

Facebook Group:  Cowboy Logic - Restoring America Forum
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Black Man Thinkin’


BMT_LogoMy name is Stanley Levy and, despite the Jewish name, I am black. I owe all that I am in this world to my dearly departed parents. My father remains, in death, the best man I’ve known in life. My mother always had my back, or kicked my backside. I love and miss them both. I am also a son of the Most High God, baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost and am unabashedly Pentecostal and Apostolic.

I am a former military brat, and a mildly decorated ex-Air Force officer. I attended public elementary and high schools, bused back and forth from the 7th through 12th grades. I was an athlete in high school and college. I graduated from one of the country’s best engineering schools. I have a master’s degree. I’ve been a husband, and I remain a father and a brother. I’ve been praised and despised by people of all ethnicities. By the grace of God, I count myself no one’s enemy.

For every accomplishment, there is at least one setback or failure. I’ve had the positive and negative racial experiences that comes with being black in America, plus my share of the ups and downs that come with being an American child of the late 20th century. Surviving the ups and downs has given me balance and perspective, and taught me that the only bad thing anyone can do is believe their current situation cannot, or will not, change.

And I have seen enough of other places to understand that the US, with all its challenges, is a kinder place than most for all people, no matter who or what they may be.

Using what ability God has given me, it is my mission and pleasure to share my insights with all who visit this page. I do not have all the answers. I’m still searching for all the questions. However, being one who carefully considers both, I present myself to you as a……

Black Man Thinkin’

Blowin’ Smoke


AJ Gainer is a former musician known for his time as drummer for national recording artist 12 Stones.

His escape from the mountains of W. Va. led him to the realization of his lifelong dream: to live the rock star life.

AJ’s experience and perspective combine to create a somewhat philosophical, yet entertaining show celebrating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Denise Simon Experience


DENISE SIMON is a Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence organizations.

Her blog, Founders Code is considered by many to be the “go to source” for ahead-of-the-curve information.

In addition to her up the minute blog, Denise hosts her own weekly radio show, “The Denise Simon Experience“.  Her radio show can be heard on iCRN (Conservative Radio Network) and other terrestrial and Internet based radio networks.

Denise Simon’s impressive list of special guests include Kris “Tanto” Paranto, Jack Abramoff, LTG Tom McInerney, MG Paul Vallely, Alex Holstein, Jason Mattera, Charles Faddis, Charles Ortel, Claire M. Lopez, Robert Grenier, Tim Furnish, Tom Wyld, Johnny Walker, David Gaubatz and Allen West.

Denise is a regular guest / analyst on the nationally syndicated radio show, Cowboy Logic Radio (iCRN).

Visit Us:

The Jiggy Jaguar Show


Internet talk radio host since 2000 and was at one time was heard 24-7-365 at one or another Internet station, world wide.

Included in the book, “Radio Wants You: An Intimate Portrait of 700 Radio Shows That Welcome Guests.” Past guests on the program include Dean Koontz, William Shatner, and Neil Diamond.

Podcasting came into the mix and Jiggy kept going with an average download rate of 23,000 per week off one Podcast location. First starting out with Shock-talk and then News and Political talk. Not Left or Right and certainty does NOT call it down the middle.

Whether it’s news, music, sports or pop culture. Jiggy is talking about it on the BIG SHOW!

Jiggy Jaguar writes a weekly column online and operates an online magazine called “The MIC” at Jiggy also hosted 3 Cable Access TV shows; Jiggy Jag TV – An entertainment and variety program featuring local and unsigned bands and performances, plus adult film stars, etc.; SAMPLE TEXT: a political and public affairs themed program, featuring guests such as Sen. Pat Roberts {Kansas}. A monthly round table with every area of Politics covered joined by a Democrat, Republican, Independent, and special guests such as Community leaders and media figures;  A fledgling M-F 1hr views/news program called LIVE FROM SALINA (Call-in and Political talk).

Jiggy also has hosted a weekly syndicated music program called “Homegrown Half Hr”. 18 years of broadcast excellence and still going.

Visit us:

Latest Episode:

Conservative Commandos Radio



For those who believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the freedom in which to express those core values, the Conservative Commandos Radio Show believes that any person who listens to talk radio should have a turn at expressing their opinions with open dialogue.

A forum where individuals can exchange ideas and thoughts that can be heard among our Co-hosts, callers and guests.

Visit us:

Latest Online Episode:

The Patriot Radio Show


Child of God – Templar Knight – Radical Right Wing Super Villain™ – Twitter Rock Star – American by birth – Texan by choice – Badass by Nature!!

I’m a Broadcast Activist. I am NOT politically correct. If you don’t like to hear muslims called goat raping pedophiles, you won’t like my show.

Owner of the Patriot Radio Show and the Jihad On America Radio Show.

Owner / Operator of Tomball Computer.

Ham Radio callsign = W2TPO as in “Whiskey to TPO”.

Visit us:

Latest Episode:

The Wayne Dupree Show

wd_imgWayne E. Dupree is the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year, an award-winning radio host and the founder of WAARadio – We Are America Radio.

Dupree’s WAAR continues the growth of “New Media” in conservative circles by adding a voice for grassroots activism in the tradition of Andrew Breitbart, who Wayne was privileged to meet a few weeks before his untimely death. In blazing his own trail, Wayne proudly carries the Breitbart standard of “Walking Toward the Fire” by being a strong conservative voice, adding his commentary to current events and challenging the Obama administration’s policies.

Wayne is a leading national conservative voice. He is also a member of Project 21, a black leadership network, is a regular contributor to NewsmaxTV and the One America News Network. He has been personally sought out by FoxNews Sean Hannity Black Conservative Special and Fox & Friends, as well as appearing on twoGlenn Beck Specials. Dupree has also been a radio guest on nationally syndicated shows hosted by Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Steve Malzberg. His writing has also been published by the Washington Times at the request of FoxNews Contributor Monica Crowley.

But Wayne’s true home is social media. Every day, Wayne directly interacts with over 85K followers on Twitter and with over 54K Facebook friends, that has reached an amazing 1.5 Million conservatives daily. His website, reaches nearly 1,000,000 views per month. Wayne’s internet radio show, “The Wayne Dupree Show”, hosts a veritable “Who’s Who” of conservative politics, including Dr. Ben Carson,Col. Allen West, Michelle Malkin, Monica Crowley, Dinesh D’Souza, and a host of other newsmakers. In his second year of being an conservative activist, Wayne earned the 2014 “Best in Show: Podcast” award at the National Bloggers Club “BlogBash” event held during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Wayne isn’t just a keyboard activist – he walks the walk, too. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Wayne is a frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies across America. In 2014, he participated in a Florida-to-Minnesota bus tour hosted by Tea Party Express that staged rallies in over a dozen cities in between. Wayne is also an invited speaker at Americans For Prosperity (AFP) and other rallies, and is part of the leader of the first media team ever invited to cover the Act for America Conference in 2014.

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CSC Talk Radio


“The little lady with the BIG Voice”, Beth Ann doesn’t shy away from tackling the toughest of today’s issues with a good dose of commonsense. Her passion for our Nation, our Constitution and a love and respect for our ranchers, farmers and rural America is reflected in the many topics that the show explores. The mission is to preserve and protect Independence in America; by speaking the truth, standing up for our Constitution and honoring God and family.

CSC Talk Radio can be heard on stations across the nation as well as shortwave and LIVE Internet listening. Beth Ann encourages multi-state callers to participate on a 1-800 listener line; fans can follow CSC Talk Radio on Facebook and Twitter.


Your Host

Beth Ann is Host of CSC Talk Radio. Do you need a professional speaker that has a knack for seeing things as they really are, for your next organization meeting? Energetic and insightful, Beth Ann will leave your audience standing up and feeling good about the future of America.

As a mother of five and a media veteran, she shares her vast experiences—how we can take control to strengthen our families, communities and country in the process. Call the office now at 573.796.2166 or e-mail us to schedule Beth Ann for your next event.

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The Stafford Voice


TheStaffordVoiceThe Stafford Voice is a journal for conservative politics, news, thought and understanding which encompasses a mindset, shaped by a certain set of values and principles, dedicated to the continuous progression of this great nation we call The United States of America.

Since 2008 when The Stafford Voice was started, there have been many changes. It has gone from a very dark but simple site to what you see today, including a commenting system that allows you to be part of a larger discussion by logging in with many of todays social networking sites. And, while you can follow TSV on Facebook or Twitter, you can also receive daily updates or you can elect to subscribe to the monthly/quarterly newsletter. Either way you choose, the subscriptions are FREE!

About the Author

Daniel Stafford is the editor and webmaster of The Stafford Voice. He has a passion for national politics, and also the politics of the world. Daniel is a family man who met his lovely wife in Junior High and has been faithful to her ever since the first day they met. He is the father of one son, and both are involved with The Boy Scouts of America. Before starting TSV, Daniel served his country in the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Stafford Voice to educate and inform people on current issues in both the United States and the World.

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The Vito and Vito Show


With the perspectives of two college-aged millennial conservatives committed to defending the principles of free markets, freedom, liberty and individualism, Vito and Vito bring a unique voice to the political debate. The boys from Brooklyn bring philosophical, moral, practical and legal questions and topics to the table, along with fun, light-hearted jokes meant to create an enjoyable hour of political discussion, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum.

Scoring interviews with former Presidential candidates, like Michele Bachmann, critically acclaimed authors like David Limbaugh, Colin Flattery and Richard Miniter, former ambassadors like John Bolton, grassroots favorites like Dennis Michael Lynch and other political figures like Van Hipp, David Keane, SABO, and much more, Vito and Vito are here with the latest news makers and shakers asking the tough questions.

Having made appearances on television and radio, as well as speaking at some of the most prominent Republican clubs in the country, Vito and Vito are dedicated to bringing “fire brand” conservatism, libertarianism and objectivism to the forefront of the political landscape.

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