Gorka on Gun Violence: ‘Don’t Expect Uncle Sam to Fix This’ — ‘Should Be Done at the Local Level’

Friday on “Hannity,” Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka discussed gun violence following the Texas school shooting, suggesting the local government should be responsible for protecting citizens by controlling access much like in banks and federal buildings. “This is not a complicated problem to solve. We secure federal buildings, we secure banks. This is about controlled access to the most precious thing we have in this country, which is our children,” Gorka told host Sean Hannity. “Don’t expect Uncle Sam to fix this for you,” he continued. “This should be done at the local level. If the local school council can’t sort this out, if the local municipality or the government can’t sort this out, it’s not going to be federal government that sorts it out. But, controlled access is the key.” Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

Matthews: Trump ‘So Concerned With His Political Survival, He Dare Not Consider the Survival of Our Youth’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews stated President Trump will react in a political manner to the Texas school shooting by doing nothing Matthews said, “I know how President Trump will react to this latest school shooting. He will react politically. He will do nothing. That is true now more than ever. Trump is in a bunker right now. He needs his coalition to stand hard. He can’t afford the slightest sign of weakness, or even reasonableness. It’s the Trump right or wrong crowd he needs now, the people who don’t ask questions.” He added, “[W]e find ourselves led by a president so concerned with his political survival, he dare not consider the survival of our youth. But then again, it is consistent with how he operates, how he lives, for Donald J. Trump.” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett

Coleen Rowley, FBI insider and whistleblower explains – Part 1

With so much happening in our intelligence agencies, the average citizen has no idea of the invasive danger these rogue, secretive, overbearing groups present to our everyday lives. Over the next few weeks I’m going to present insider feelings of whistleblowing patriots, high level operatives from the FBI, NSA, CIA and DOJ.

The son of a longtime friend knew from age 5 that he wanted to “travel the world and carry a gun.” In the many years I’ve known “Brandon,” his life’s passion found the fulfillment of his destiny and resulted in assignments to include military intelligence in Haiti and Korea, guarding an Iraqi general, investigating a military payroll heist in Italy, and various other assorted and disavowed activities in undisclosed locations with unmentionable associates from alphabet agencies.

These forces of patriots spread out across the homeland and foreign soil protecting us and preventing the tragedies we all fear from madmen with biological, chemical and nuclear opportunities. Their actions often unknown, yet ever present, make our lives safer, and allow our freedoms to be enjoyed and shared.

Their motivations for such a life could be categorized into passion for our country, the love of intrigue and travel, or countless other personal expressions of self-fulfillment, but are valued and appreciated none-the-less for the dangers they encounter and survive.

But, worthy as some in public service are with their activities, some are alarmingly perfidious, dangerous, while secretly spying and subverting, invading our personal lives for purposes planned, and known only to a few who wish to gain or increase their power over us. We’ve seen it in the past but has the Trump light of scrutiny exposed more and more vermin than a New York sewer on Thanksgiving?

To bring to light the activities, familiar as well as unacknowledged, of these government watchdogs, it’s been a privilege to talk with people from the inside of some of our country’s top agencies. Patriots who dedicated years of service to doing what they thought right, best, honest and appropriate. All of these insiders having become whistleblowers, exposing the wrongdoing at great risk to future personal and career activities.

Many of us have taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution, to protect against “all” enemies, foreign and domestic, and yet never imagined that meant against our own administrations. Most of us grew up when the government and its many parts were respected, not feared; depended on, not worried about.

Being “just citizens,” most are limited in personal resources to fight against such corruption, misfeasance and malfeasance. When the IRS spies on the citizenry for no legitimate reason or the Social Security Administration starts to stockpile weapons, and seeing every email, text, and phone call under collection and scrutiny becomes normal……. It’s not your grandmother’s America anymore.

I introduce the special people assembled to express opinions, lay out the facts and abuses, and whose valuable time is so appreciated to share what should be an enlightening, and a warning discussion as to their own experiences and observations. You’ll see some answers are short. Reasons being 1) some of my interviewees are traveling internationally at this time and their valuable time limits long discussions. 2) Some subjects require restraint on the information they can give for personal, legal or career reasons.

This is part 1 of 2 from:

FBI – Coleen Rowley: After a B.A. degree in French from Wartburg College, graduated with honors from College of Law at the Univ. of Iowa. In 1981, Rowley was appointed a Special Agent with the FBI, and  in 1984 was assigned to the New York Office working Italian organized crime and Sicilian heroin drug investigations. Rowley also served in the Paris, France Embassy and Montreal Consulates. In 1990 Rowley assumed the duties of “Chief Division Counsel” which entailed oversight of the Freedom of Information, Forfeiture, Victim-Witness and Community Outreach Programs as well as providing regular legal and ethics training to FBI Agents of the Division. In May of 2002 Rowley brought forth some of the pre 9-11 lapses and testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee about some of the endemic problems facing the FBI and the intelligence community. Rowley’s memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller in connection with the Joint Intelligence Committee’s Inquiry led to a two-year long DOJ Inspector General investigation. She was one of three whistleblowers chosen as persons of the year by TIME magazine in 2002. In April 2003, following an unsuccessful and highly criticized attempt to warn the Director and other administration officials about the dangers of launching the invasion of Iraq, Rowley stepped down from her (GS-14) legal position to go back to being a (GS-13) FBI Special Agent. In early March 2003 she warned FBI Director Robert Mueller of further problems, including his going along with the Bush Administration’s deceptive plan to launch war on what would become the counterproductive war on Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks. (Sadly enough, despite all facts to the contrary, the Bush Administration was able to fool 70% of the American public into believing that Saddam Hussein was behind 9-11.)

Coleen Rowley, FBI ret. Photo courtesy of Coleen Rowley

RB ~  You, like myself, grew up in a small midwestern town but aspired to greater things. What drew you to the law and then the FBI for your career choice? How early in your life and what initially prompted you to enter public service?

CR ~  I, like many other kids, got ideas from TV and movies.  At about age 11 or 12, my favorite TV show was “Man From U.N.C.L.E” a kind of law enforcement-spy show.  I wrote a letter to our town newspaper stating that I wanted to join U.N.C.L.E when I grew up and asking how I could write to the organization.  The paper’s response was that “UNCLE” was fictional but the closest to it in the U.S. would be the “F.B.I.” and they gave me the FBI’s mailing address.  I then wrote to the FBI which sent me their “99 Facts About the FBI” pamphlet, one fact (followed by a convoluted explanation) was that women were not allowed to become FBI agents.  But I got enthused anyway as I figured that rule was stupid and would change by the time I grew up.  Later after majoring in French and going to law school, I took the Foreign Service exam and applied to a few other government agencies, along with the FBI.

It always appealed to me to be on the side of working for justice and helping solve (and hopefully) reduce crimes.

RB ~ Did your overseas positions add any different perspective to your overall view of national security?

CR ~  When I joined the FBI, I was also pursuing joining the Foreign Service (of the State Dept) and had taken the (very difficult) foreign service exams and even went through their interview process.  However the FBI recruiter told me the FBI had its own “foreign service” branch, called “legal attaches (legats)” who worked in liaison with foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies and which at the time were stationed in 13 foreign countries including France.  In the course of my FBI career, I worked for a few weeks in both Paris and Montreal as a “temporary duty” assistant legat just filling in and mostly helping with translation of French information in response to FBI leads.  The number of “legats” grew from 13 to over 60 by the time I retired.  I haven’t checked what the number is now but I suppose that increase in the FBI’s foreign assignments reflects U.S. hegemony and this notion that the U.S. needs to exercise more control over the world.  (I don’t think our national security has improved, however, due to all the counter-productive wars and violent regime change actions the U.S. has undertaken.)

RB ~ Today we see such a pervasiveness of corruption in the higher levels of” leadership. In the early days, was there more of a separation between national security and politics? The line seems very blurry these days.

CR ~ I think that it’s obvious some of the leaders of the bigger intelligence agencies have indeed used and abused their “national security” surveillance powers for improper political purposes. Some of us warned that would happen if the massive monitoring and data collection was not reigned in after Snowden’s and other NSA whistleblowers’ disclosures.  (See my 2013 essay on CNN: “Massive Spying on Americans is Outrageous”.)


The current situation is a bit of history repeating itself if you go back to the J. Edgar Hoover days, when Hoover’s broad, virtually unfettered spying, including on political figures, was based on his (and Joseph McCarthy’s-HUAC’s) hysterical fear of communism during the Cold War and then the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  The Church Committee reigned some of those abuses in after Hoover died, but almost all of the Church Committee reforms–for instance in the form of Attorney General Guidelines and strict separation between criminal and intelligence matters– have now been rolled back.

Hoover’s 47 year term as FBI Director and his gathering of info (including a lot of “dirt,” in some cases creating secret files on politicians and government leaders, made him arguably more powerful than the presidents and other politicians.  But as a balance, the FBI was the agency most restricted from engaging in any partisan political activity under the strictest provisions of the Hatch Act.  I’ve read that Hoover himself, realizing his vast power, boasted that he would not even vote (so as to not show favoritism).  Over the years, the Hatch Act got watered down, first reducing the prohibitions on the Department of Justice and US Attorneys’ offices, to allow them to engage in more political activity, and then even reducing some of the restrictions upon FBI personnel.

Perhaps more importantly, corruption occurs via politically appointed agency leaders constantly going back and forth through the “revolving door” to profit from their public service in the private sectors.  Nearly all FBI managers get lucrative second careers after early retirement which sets up numerous potential conflicts of interest.  This happened far less frequently when I joined the FBI, partly because after a 25 to 30 year career, most FBI agents just retired on their pensions and did not go on to lucrative second jobs.

RB ~ It used to be we never thought of much except who’s playing Friday night at the high school, where’s lunch after church on Sundays, but now… it’s the gov’t in our face, the IRS after our records, the NSA storing emails and phone numbers and the CIA doing who knows what. Did this really need to get to the level it is with normal everyday patriotic Americans

CR ~  Well as many lament, Orwell’s “1984” was not supposed to be a “How To Manual.”  It’s a very sad situation that has now developed and which may have gotten its start when Eisenhower’s warning about the “Military Industrial Complex” went unheeded.  Now we have a Military-Congressional-National Security-Media Complex that has fully metastasized as I detailed in “War on Terror: a False Promise for National Security.”  Even the rule of law has taken a back seat these days which, by the way, was what Founding Father James Madison, Father of the Constitution, warned, that “no country can maintain its freedom in the midst of continual war.”

RB ~  People used to think that national security meant protecting us from foreign entities bent on our destruction. But then talk of special phone equipment rooms in San Francisco surfaced with connections to the government and that huge collection facility in Camp Williams, Utah came to light. People couldn’t believe their eyes. How were explanations handled internally about such expansion? Or was it common knowledge that the government was now in the data collection/citizen surveillance business?

CR ~ When the NSA turned on its illegal, warrantless surveillance of Americans just days after 9-11, then called the “Presidential Surveillance Program” enabled via secret legal interpretations and emergency orders signed off every 90 days by the Attorney General, it was a closely held secret.  Even those attorneys working on regular (legal) secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) matters, were not all in the loop.  The first whistleblowers, like DOJ Attorney Thomas Tamm, whose father had been an FBI official, figured out that the illegal surveillance was taking place but he was cautioned not to ask any more questions.  I retired at the end of 2004 and although I think at that time, most of us suspected that things had already vastly changed, most of these draconian changes, not only the illegal surveillance but also the illegal kidnappings and torture was still a closely guarded secret from most employees of the intelligence community.

I made a few complaints to the Department of Justice Inspector General regarding wrongful and illegal surveillance actions that I became aware of and I detailed some of these, including the wrongful post 9-11 detentions of nearly 1000 immigrants in a letter to Mueller in February 2003, written to caution against his going along with going to war on Iraq.

Eventually the NY Times broke the story of the illegal “Presidential Program” in 2005, over a year after they got the story but were threatened by the Bush Administration not to publish it.  Bush immediately re-labeled the program the “Terrorist Surveillance Program” and although some aspects changed, it mostly continued in different forms, despite being disclosed by several NSA whistleblowers, and eventually in documents from Edward Snowden.

RB ~ While surveilling citizens with ties to terrorists should warrant close examination, can’t John Doe and his parents be left alone in peace? (AKA James Rosen from FOX News?)

CR ~ Before 9-11, nearly all of the news industry thought that the First Amendment provided them some protection in publishing news from their sources, even if the information was classified.  The thought was that there was some remaining remnant of “Reporters Privilege” and/or that the provisions of the old 1917 “Espionage Act” that could be used to charge reporters with receiving/retaining classified information would be held unconstitutional if ever the Department of Justice decided to charge a member of the press with that violation.  But that’s no longer the case after the Plame investigation wherein reporters were jailed or threatened with jail for not giving up the identities of their news sources; after FOX Reporter Rosen was named as a “conspirator” in a search warrant; after the DOJ went after then NYT reporter James Risen for publishing classified information and other cases like this.  Members of the press now realize they have very little legal protection under the First Amendment so some try to be pragmatic and rely on their own efforts such as encryption to keep their sources’ identities’ secret.  Unfortunately, I think the majority, with few exceptions, have taken their cue from the government’s threats and have become more like stenographers of government press releases instead of actual investigative reporters.

RB ~ You had your own pushback toward the Bush administration related to this invasion of Iraq.  Is national security, surveillance, foreign policy all mistakenly wrapped up together?

CR ~  US wars and violent “regime change” actions have come home with devastating consequences for all of us even though most Americans have not connected the dots.  I have written tomes on this problem of “blowback.” And so have others.  A recent piece that I co-authored detailing some of this is “Recipe Concocted for Perpetual War Is a Bitter One.”

RB ~ When the average American thinks about all this data collection, the feeling is the gov’t should be spending time, money and resources chasing bad guys in Yemen, Iran or Syria, not worrying about some conversation or email between a guy and his grandmother. Are there hidden reasonings behind collecting so much private and inconsequential information about non-threats within the country?

CR ~ As I’ve said and written many, many times, how does it help if you are looking for a “needle in a haystack,” to add more hay?!  I attended a Senate Hearing in 2013 about the massive illegal monitoring of Americans where this and other bizarre and deceptive excuses were made (and wrote about it) but to answer your question, the collection of non-relevant data is not warranted.  NSA whistleblowers will tell you that the NSA Director and other intelligence agencies were given vast budgets after 9-11 and they just wanted to “collect it all.”

RB ~ Is the invasion of our privacy “rights” (and maybe I’m suing the term loosely) growing or has the presence of Trump in the oval office stemmed the tide of intrusion into our lives?

CR ~ Unfortunately it hasn’t been stemmed at all.  I cannot believe that House Intelligence Chair Nunes, and other congresspersons recently voted to enlarge the monitoring even though they are well aware of how the agencies have abused their powers for political purposes.  Even more than mere “privacy rights,” the entire Bill of Rights and other parts of the Constitution have been greatly undermined.  As Cicero observed hundreds of years ago, “In times of war, the law falls silent.”

RB ~ In dealing with Mueller at the time, did you find him considering or totally dismissive of your position against the war? What do you see in him now that you did or didn’t see at that time? Do you trust him to do things right or things political?

CR ~ Well Mueller was brand new—he had only been director for one week before 9-11.  And when I met him in person in June 2002 after my memo went public and I was going to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee, he had not been on the job for even a year.  So I had a relatively more open mind back then.

But in light of all the deception and wrongdoing that they have been involved in, I don’t think either should be trusted or put on pedestals.  See “No, Robert Mueller and James Comey Are Not Heroes” and “‘This is Nuts’: Liberals Launch ‘Largest Mobilization in History’ in Defense of Russiagate Probe.”

RB ~ From what you know now, at the time, did you consider “Trailblazer” an invasive threat to personal freedoms? Was it a tool available to the FBI and if so how was it applied domestically?

CR ~ All of these secret legal opinions and programs were initially closely held secrets and I retired in 2004 before they were openly revealed.  I will add however that from my current reading, it appears that the FBI is using NSA domestic surveillance of American citizens in its targeting for sting operations as well as using NSA info to start investigations via what is called “parallel construction,” by which the NSA or CIA info that gave rise to the FBI investigation is kept secret

Our thanks to Ms. Rowley for her time and input. Next is part 2 which expands on more internal agency surveillance, the actions of Eric Snowden, the Steele dossier and more. Any information or views presented are those of the interviewed and not necessarily those of Ron Boat or talkamericaradio.com.


Soon to follow an interview from the NSA insider.

~ RB


A CIA Insider reveals….

Those famous words of Ronald Reagan were never more true:

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

When originally spoken, many will relate this quote’s initial intention to social situations of taxation, entitlement control and more social issues. However, it’s become evident that the government – once thought to primarily exist for our protection – has turned bare toothed on its citizenry with a more aggressive, subversive agenda of diabolical proportions.

Alphabet agencies wreaking havoc on the public, the country, and even its own, as we we’ll soon reveal. The dishonesty, the lies, corruptions, yea the treason, is running rampant through every office and orifice in our governing bodies and if not for those speaking out, we’d all be un or misinformed.

In my series of “Insiders,”  I’m pleased to talk next with a former CIA operative. Someone who saw not only the inside, but the dirty wrath of an agency gone amuck.

Verne Lyon-CIA:  Recruited first as a student, Lyon operated as a CIA agent in the 1960s and 1970s. While operating under deep cover Lyon engaged in domestic spying on antiwar Iowa State University students. Codenamed Operation CHAOS, the CIA launched the illegal program against U.S. citizens. Lyon was also involved in destabilizing operations in Cuba. He also worked in Peru, Chile and Mexico. Lyon wrote in a 1990 article in Covert Action Information Bulletin, “The CIA must be put in its place. Should we demand or allow anything less, we will remain vulnerable to these abuses and face the risk of decaying into a lawless state destined to self-destruction.”

This is a first hand account from Verne and his book dealing with sensitive activities perpetrated illegally on the American public. Some of his answers are short as some information is sensitive to his life, his past, the agency, and, at times, a short explanation is all that’s required. We’re grateful for the opinions he can share at this time. Verne offers this expose’ as a foundation for domestic spying.

RB ~  Verne, you’ve led a life whose tale is the basis of spy novels and horror stories; Attempted abductions and assassination, prosecutions. You found a passion for aviation at a young age but then made, or were seduced, into a left turn into an intelligence career. We know it started when you were approached by the CIA to spy on antiwar activities at Iowa State. How did they find and pick you for their Operation CHAOS?

Image courtesy of Verne Lyon

VL~ I believe I was approached after a high school/college friend of mine went into Naval Intelligence. He told me he had talked to “some people” about me.  The job of spying on campus anti-war activities paid $300 a month and came with a guaranteed draft deferment. For over fifteen years, the CIA, with assistance from numerous government agencies, conducted a massive illegal domestic covert operation called Operation CHAOS. It was one of the largest and most pervasive domestic surveillance programs in the history of this country. Throughout the duration of CHAOS, the CIA spied on thousands of U.S. citizens. The CIA went to great lengths to conceal this operation from the public while every president from Eisenhower to Nixon exploited CHAOS for his own political ends.

After I signed the documents getting into their “student program,” I asked if university officials knew of their work on campus. They said yes but admonished me to keep this to myself. Apparently some officials at Iowa State not only knew of the CIA recruiting on campus but actually suggested names of select students to approach. Nobody mentioned that the work I just signed up for was illegal at worst and immoral at best. [1]

RB ~ You, like myself, grew up in a small midwestern town but found yourself directed to greater intrigue in your life. How did you take to this move up the status ladder working for a large int’l intelligence agency and did your views of a “worthwhile, needed and valuable gov’t agency soon change?”

VL~   I found it to be almost a dream at the first. Being a secret agent, paid undercover, part of the government’s inner decision making circle, etc. As time went on I became more skeptical with each passing day.

RB ~ Was this domestic spying expanded?

VL ~ As campus anti-war protest activity spread across the nation, the CIA reacted by implementing two new domestic operations. The first, Project RESISTANCE, was designed to provide security to CIA recruiters on college campuses. Under this program, the CIA sought active cooperation from college administrators, campus security, and local police to help identify anti-war activists, political dissidents, and “radicals.” Eventually information was provided to all government recruiters on college campuses and directly to the super-secret DOD on thousands of students and dozens of groups. The CIA’s Office of Security also created Project MERRIMAC, to provide warnings about demonstrations being carried out against CIA facilities or personnel in the Washington area

RB ~ This must have taken a lot of local resources to gather and review “information and activities” on so many people

VL ~ Under both Projects, the CIA infiltrated agents into domestic groups of all types and activities. It used its contacts with local police departments and their intelligence units to pick up its “police skills” and began in earnest to pull off burglaries, illegal entries, use of explosives, criminal frame-ups, shared interrogations, and disinformation. CIA teams purchased sophisticated equipment for many starved police departments and in return got to see arrest records, suspect lists, and intelligence reports. Many large police departments, in conjunction with the CIA, carried out illegal, warrantless searches of private properties, to provide intelligence for a report requested by President Johnson and later entitled “Restless Youth.[1]

RB ~ How much information was gathered and wasn’t this illegal?

VL ~ During the life of Operation CHAOS, the CIA had compiled personality files on over 13,000 individuals including more than 7,000 U.S. citizens as well as files on over 1,000 domestic groups. The CIA had shared information on more than 300,000 persons with different law enforcement agencies including the DIA and FBI. It had spied on, burglarized, intimidated, misinformed, lied to, deceived, and carried out criminal acts against thousands of citizens of the United States. It had placed itself above the law, above the Constitution, and in contempt of international diplomacy and the United States Congress.

RB ~ How ominous did it become when you found the agency who had you spy on Americans was now

going after you by framing you for an airport bombing, chasing you to Canada to have you kidnapped and ultimately tracking you to Lima, Peru, bring you back for trial and sentencing you to 17 years in Leavenworth for that bombing? Yuri Totrov, former KGB counter intelligence officer says. “Verne Lyon’s story so shocked me that I hoped he would one day make it public.”

VL~   It was as if the weight of the world had fallen on my shoulders. I felt hopeless, betrayed, angry.

RB ~ “Eyes on Havana,” your revealing book, has the tag line “Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA.” The title alone has a foreboding, gloomy aire about it. You talk about “the transformation of a young patriotic engineer…into the second class citizens I am today; a convicted felon who has survived fear, prosecution, and utter collapse of my dreams…” Are you able to realize at lease some of your dreams and goals?

VL~  I have become an accomplished pilot, although my aerospace engineering education was never used to its fullest, I did work as an engineer for a number of years.

RB ~ In your book you say “…Things went from bad to worse and pitted three government agencies against each other and against me in games of cat and mouse around the globe.”[1] From an agency you wanted to dedicate yourself to, this must have been a shock.

VL ~ My two-day trial, the jury’s brief deliberations and the judge’s stern sentence. Seventeen Years, I heard him say. You shall be remanded to a Federal Penitentiary for 17 years. My freedom, my youth my wife, my son all disappeared in those words.[1]

RB ~ Did your overseas positions add any different perspective to your overall view of national security – both foreign and domestic until your apprehension in Peru and return to the states?

VL~  Having traveled to over 100 countries, I much appreciate the views of peoples and cultures  abroad. To best understand the geo/political problems of the USA, you must travel overseas to understand how the rest of the world views us and why.

RB ~ Today we see such a pervasiveness of corruption in the higher levels of leadership. In the early days, was there more of a separation between national security and politics? The line seems very blurry these days.

VL~   The difference between the two was always blurred. Higher ups in the CIA helped write both foreign and domestic policy instead of just providing intelligence.

RB ~ It used to be we never thought of much except who’s playing Friday night at the high school, where’s lunch after church on Sundays, but now… it’s the gov’t in our face, the IRS after our records, the NSA storing emails and phone numbers and the CIA doing who knows what. Did this really need to get to the level it is with normal everyday patriotic Americans?

VL~  It is where it is due to the rapid, uncontrolled expansion of technology in communications, satellites, social media, news from every corner of the world within a few minutes, the internet, hacking, etc. Our society as well as most governments live in the NOW and want to respond at once to news, etc. After 911, we all gave up personal  freedoms for security and the Patriot Act which the government exploits to the max.

RB ~  People used to think that national security meant protecting us from foreign entities bent on our destruction. But then talk of special phone equipment rooms in San Francisco surfaced with connections to the government and that huge collection facility in Camp Williams, Utah came to light. People couldn’t believe their eyes. How were explanations handled internally about such domestic activities? Was it common knowledge that the government in general was now in the data collection/citizen surveillance business?

VL~   I think that Edward Snowden, now living in exile in Russia, showed us how pervasive the government is in gathering all kinds of intelligence on the average citizen.

Eris Snowden Freedom of the Press Foundation/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 4.0

RB ~  Was Snowden a traitor or a hero?

VL~  Borderline hero

RB ~ While surveilling citizens with ties to terrorists should warrant close examination, can’t John Doe and his parents be left alone in peace? (AKA James Rosen from FOX News?) Has the CIA become more involved in domestic activities?

VL~ The line dividing the domain between the FBI’s former exclusive powers to do domestic spying and the CIA’s mandate to handle everything beyond the borders has become so blurred that the NSA’s collection of date from both actually negates separation of powers.

RB ~ You said in a 1990 article in Covert Action Information Bulletin, “The CIA must be put in its place. Should we demand or allow anything less, we will remain vulnerable to these abuses and face the risk of decaying into a lawless state destined to self-destruction.” Are we seeing that thought in spades these days? Lyon

VL ~  We thought that the East German STASI was the embodiment of George Orwell’s 1984 but we have achieved that status here at home now.

RB ~ You’ve been quoted as saying “The CIA is a state sponsored terrorist association. You don’t look at people as human beings. They’re nothing but pieces on a chessboard.” Was this scary concept surprising to you as you worked more and more in the agency?

VL~   The Agency’s view of the world was divided into spheres of influence where, at times, operations pitted one country or area against others for our benefit. The effects on the ordinary people were ignored for the goal of the greater good.

RB ~ Average Americans think about this data collection and that domestic spying should be spending time, money and resources chasing bad guys in Yemen, Iran or Syria, not worrying about some conversation or email between a guy and his grandmother. Are there other hidden reasonings behind collecting so much private and inconsequential information about non-threats within the country? Maybe political?

VL~  Certainly politics always has a role in what type of intelligence is collected and from whom. With today’s technology that allows us and foreign nations to encrypt private communications, the race to stay ahead of the curve out weighs the concerns for people’s rights.

RB ~ Is the invasion of our privacy “rights” (and maybe I’m using the term loosely) growing out of control, or has the presence of Trump in the oval office stemmed the tide of intrusion into our lives?

VL~   Basically and simply – No

RB ~  For most of us, the Clinton’s have been on the highway of free rides since the 80’s, bypassing every legal stop sign and prosecution toll booth in their path as they speedily wind their way toward fame and riches – mostly infamous riches. Everything they touch seems to be laden with bi-chromatic fingerprint dust and the blood of innocents mixed with confusion. With the questionable death of Seth Rich and other DNC maneuvering, for whose benefit and for what purpose? Was Rich to receive the blame for the hacking but wanted to prove otherwise?

VL~ Investigation, NO enforcement

RB ~  Is the CIA capable of assisting or independently pursuing “political crimes” to bring about justice to those involved in all this current Clinton/DNC/State Dept./intelligence corruption, or should they be more an investigative, enforcement force against more traditional crimes? Or is there really a difference anymore?

VL~   Dem’s vs Republicans – too political.

RB ~ Is enough finally being done to investigate and dig into these email scandals and schemes? Seems like 2 intelligence groups would be more efficient given the foreign component of things.

VL ~  More open but still restrictive

RB ~ And as a follow up, are the lines of communication between the FBI, CIA and NSA now more open than before, or is interagency pride and elitism keeping them from working together efficiently?

VL~     It’s all politics

RB ~  Did you in your wildest intelligence dreams ever think that a major political party could invade the sanctity of our election process by creating false documents, use them to smear an opposition candidate before an election, then use them to assault the privacy of his closest confidants, using them to corrupt the privacy process of the FISA system, all while the long term goal of removing a duly elected president loomed in the back of their destructive playbook?

VL~  Since FISA courts (hearings) are held in secret, much like grand jury hearings, the prosecutor usually controls the hearing and the court will go along with the prosecution’s request 99% of the time so its use is always, in my view, political. The fact that the election process can be corrupted to the degree that it has been is just another example of politics over-ruling facts. Its sad to see its degradation to the point that politics has apparently removed all fairness to the process.

RB ~ Knowing you weren’t there then, but has John Brennan stepped over the line of reason? Is his lying and anti-patriotic, partisan views a change or was it always there, hidden from public view?

VL~ Political leanings always influence decision and actions

RB ~ Did the decision to become so outspoken come easy given your patriotism and seeing the need for truth, or was it a life changing moment with thoughts of reprisals and long term career and personal ramifications?

VL~ I needed to tell the truth

RB ~  With Alexis, Echo, TVs with cameras, home security Wi-Fi cameras, Google phones tracking our every move and refrigerators knowing what we buy  and how we shop, are we living totally exposed with our non-private lives open to become fodder for anyone willing to review, sell or track?

VL~  We allow this for the sole sake of convenience

RB ~ With so many problems and scandals related to political corruption, spying on citizens, immigration, local communities and states opting out of abiding by federal law….are we losing America?

VL~  Its already lost and there is no real way back.

RB ~ And with all the action and complications of a government intelligence / law enforcement position, what was that one fun, rewarding, passionate moment you remember from your whole career?

VL~      Understanding that the world is not our enemy we don’t need to invent enemies.


Our thanks to Verne for his time, his service to our country and thoughts, and to his co-author, Professor Phil Zwerling for their input into this book and this article.  This and my other “insider” articles go to the question of whether we can truly trust our own government and their real intentions in their attempt to protect us.

Whistleblowers exist for a reason… to spread the truth of what’s behind the curtain and alert us to wrongdoings that affect our lives, our futures.

This article is just the beginning. You’ll find a fascinating read on the intrigue of Verne’s CIA life and adventures in the US, Cuba and beyond in his book, “Eyes on Havana.” I can’t recommend enough its addition to your reading shelf. It’s an eye opening revelation of what lengths the government will go to destroying policies, laws and lives to get to their final nefarious objectives.


Facts and opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and not necessarily those of the author or westernfreepress.com. Certain passages and quotes used with permission from his book,”Eyes on Havana -Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA.”
[1] Eyes on Havana- Verne Lyon & Phil Zwerling, McFarland Publishing (January 12, 2018)


Ron Boat and Sidney Powell look at the DOJ from the inside – Part 1

Lawyers. The very term scares us. It’s usually analogous to receiving a letter from the IRS. Should we open it (after all they aren’t writing to inform us of our lottery winnings) or throw it away hoping they’ll lose our address and forget about us? We don’t know the law – except what we gleaned from Perry Mason – and so we’re now exposed to a world outside our comfort zone. What do they know we don’t? What actions are they likely to take against me? How can I protect myself without giving up my entire life’s savings and that of my great grandchildren?

Add the government into the mix and you see the pressure, confusion and problems that mount with every rejected phone call and unopened letter. And today, that entity known as the top law enforcement of the land, the Department of Justice, adds even more gravity to the mere existence of the American public, either individually or collectively.

In peering deep into the depths of the legal pit known as the DOJ, there’s one person who has been there, done that, survived the less prominent (of her time) legal lies and entanglements on the inside and come out alive. She lays out this mantra of madness and maneuvering in her successful book, Licensed to Lie. (more of that later)

#Sidney Powell served in the Department of Justice for ten years, and has devoted her private practice to federal appeals for ​more than twenty years. She was the youngest Assistant US Attorney in the country when she was appointed. She has represented clients in a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation in our federal courts, serving as counsel in more than five hundred complex appeals to the Fifth Circuit. Her legal accomplishments would fill the shelves of a legal library, but they include a wide variety of memberships in associations and organizations, instructor, as well as author and coauthor of articles and books. Ms. Powell has served as chairperson and lecturer at each annual Fifth Circuit Appellate Practice and Advocacy Seminar from 1987 to 2010.

​She is a Senior Advisor for America First Policies and a Senior Fellow of the London Center.​ She has been heard on Dennis PragerU Live, Hannity’s radio show, seen on his FOX show, NEWSMAX TV and many others

I reference these biographical milestones to establish an understanding of this “Super Lawyer’s” valued perspective in seeing things for what they are; for exposing the corruption she’s seen over time; and as a basis for her integrity and insight to answer my questions in our interview. The level of her judicial savvy certain matches her physical stature, bringing confidence and credibility to any legal situation or client.

RB –   You started very young as an Assistant US Attorney. With the high pressure, dog eat dog, male dominated legal arena in Western Texas, what motivated a young lady from ​Raleigh​, NC to one, enter law, and two, seek such an inimitable position vs. being some clerk in a local law office?

SP –   ​My mother said that I was an unusual child.  I would go home from kindergarten and watch Perry Mason.  I had decided and announced at the end of first grade that I was going to be a lawyer.​  I didn’t think about it being difficult or male-dominated.  I remember people telling me there were too many lawyers.  My standard reply was:  “There are not enough good ones.”  I clerked for a local law firm as soon as I was 16 and could drive, and I used to spend spring break and vacation time sitting in a courtroom.  Sometimes my mother would go with me.

RB –  As the youngest Assistant US Attorney ever appointed, was there a sense of intimidation, or a confirmation of your own legal prowess that filled your mental thoughts and calendar.

SP –  ​I don’t think I have ever felt intimidated by anyone or anything in my entire life.  My parents raised me as a strong, independent-minded person with a strong, innate sense of right and wrong.  My father was a World War II veteran who earned a Distinguished Flying Cross on one of his 27 missions over Germany with the Eighth Army Aircorps.  He taught me how to play baseball and do lots of different things.  He also lived a life of integrity.  He would not even bring a pencil home from the office because it wasn’t his.  I learned how to shoot a gun when I was 5 or 6 and built my own treehouse.  My grandfather was a carpenter and an automobile mechanic.  I loved to work with him in his shop and fix things.  My grandmother taught me how to sew and make ceramics.  My mother taught me her special recipes.  I have more interests than I possibly have time for, and no one in my family ever said I couldn’t do something because I was a girl.

​The position with the United States Attorneys’ offices came with the assistance and mentoring of a longtime friend in Raleigh, Thomas P. McNamara, who was the US Attorney for the Eastern District of NC and hired me after my first year of law school to work in his office.  The next year, he recommended me as an intern for the US Attorney in San Antonio.  That US Attorney hired me upon graduation.  I never looked for a job.​

RB –  It must have been a valuable learning experience working alongside those with more specific and in-depth experience with government legal proceedings?

SP –  ​Working in the United States Attorneys’ Offices in three districts, under 9 US Attorneys from both political parties and countless good trial and appellate lawyers, was an invaluable experience.  I may be the only lawyer in private practice who has only ever practiced in federal court.  I feel very blessed to have had the experiences and opportunities that I have had.

RB –  What pushed you to make your move from government insider to your own shingle hanging in a private practice?

SP –  ​First I went from government to a partnership in a large firm.  That move was prompted upon receiving a call from a “head-hunter” who was working for the firm I joined.  Their timing was good however.  I had been with the government for approximately 10 years.  I was copying and binding my own briefs at midnight.  Half of our secretaries bordered on useless–they were just marking time as civil servants.  I also realized that a lot of Assistant US Attorneys who stayed more than 10 years lost their edge, got jaded, cynical, and myopic.  I did not want to stay too long.  I believe change is a good thing.  Change produces growth whether we want it or not.  So, I went from heading an appellate section for the Western district of Texas to the head of the Appellate Section for the Northern District of Texas, and then to the appellate section of a large regional firm.  I was a partner there for approximately 5 years.  I left there to start my own appellate shop after I had to turn down some terrific clients and cases because of the conflicts with other clients of the firm, and I realized that the big firm environment didn’t fit with my maverick propensities.

RB –  A friend of mine retired after 30 years as an agent with the FBI. He always spoke with pride of the days where being either an attorney or an accountant was the prerequisite for being an agent. In the DOJ of 30 years ago, did you see or experience a hint of the corruption, deceit, or political bias that we see so pervasive today?

SP –  ​No.  All of the agents with whom I ever worked from any agency were first rate, dedicated, and worked tirelessly.  When we made mistakes, or they did, we owned up to them.  There are several cases in which either the agents or the trial lawyers made errors, and we had to “confess” those to the court of appeals and reverse the convictions.  It was painful, but we did the right thing.

RB –  When you hear about the many, many occurrences of deliberate abuses of our laws by high ranking officials; illegal email servers, deliberate destruction of subpoenaed evidence of their crimes, collusion to subvert our rights and security, the taking of tens, no, hundreds of millions of dollars enriching their coffers for personal gain, their own lies to dissuade investigations…. What must run through your mind to see such antics of anarchy at the highest levels? And then to see them dismissed like so many parking tickets plastered on a governor’s car?

SP –  ​Outrage.  I think of all of the people who are really the engine of this country, the people that work two jobs, pay their taxes, take care of their kids, and then the double-standard applied to the benefit of the government or the political elite.  Most of Americans who make this country run every day are outraged.  People contact me often.

RB –  It probably goes without saying, but what goes through your thought process as you see the Director of the FBI, following the lead of a lower level investigator changing legal definitions to protect a candidate for our highest office, then using government time, equipment and resources to leak sensitive information to an outside source, only to prompt a far reaching, multi-million dollar investigation by his long-time friend and associate in order to justify losing an election and hopefully to bring down a duly elected president?

SP –  ​It is so intellectually dishonest and legally dishonest, it is really unfathomable.  At the same time, from what I have already seen and written about, it is not a surprise. It makes me very sad.  I believe that we are going to find that the elite of the FBI and DOJ were conspiring with FUSION GPS to create the “Steele dossier” and feed it back to the intel community and court to get the FISA court’s approval to cover the illegal surveillance they had done and were doing.  Comey is in all of it up to his eyeballs.

RB –   Does Sidney Powell see any real, final justice being served to those who appear daily in constant parades of suspects, having openly broken laws, abused their power and shattered the rust we placed in them? Or are their crimes to be swept under the DOJ’s rug or hidden in some back-office closet never to be mentioned again in polite political circles?

SP –  ​Since I wrote LICENSED TO LIE, and have been speaking on this issue in every forum available to me, and with Trump’s election, I think the tide is turning.  I am hopeful that between the Congressional investigations, investigative reporters, the Inspector General for the DOJ, and Judicial Watch, we are beginning to get the truth.  I think it will be so clear and so horrible that the DOJ will have to prosecute the crimes and their perpetrators as they are revealed.  I also think the trail goes right to Obama.

RB –  In writing “Licensed to Lie,” you’ve said “It was a book I hoped I would never have to write… I couldn’t sleep without this story being told.” What was the original overwhelming event, environment or reasoning that culminated into finally bringing you to expose your feelings of the inside?

SP –  ​When the bar associations refused to take any action against the powerful lawyers who were the subject of the lengthy and well-documented grievances that leading legal ethics expert Bill Hodes and I filed against them, it was the only thing remaining that I could do to bring this egregious problem to light.


In part 2 we’ll focus the spyglass of truth on the current DOJ fiasco involving Mueller, Comey, Sessions, Weissman, and other players in the game of shuffling facts and truths. We’ll also find great some insights into Ms. Powell’s fascinating book, “Licensed to Lie.”

Follow her on Twitter @SidneyPowell1



Ron Boat exposes the Washington fears of 2018

2018 – The year of the ultimate Washington cleanup? Will it salvage America’s freedoms and reputation?

Will this be the year that Washington corruption sees its doom?

Will they feel the fear, the wrath of truth? It’s a fear forged in our founding fathers beliefs of freedom, equality and justice.

When Trump ran for president, many proclaimed his questionable past, his business dealings, his “Russian” connections. And yet being unproven he still pushes forward with his agenda to “Make America Great Again.” Will his inquisition and accusations finally fade away while the real truths of DC be judiciously dealt with?

In fulfilling his duties as president, and meeting his promises to improve this country, could he ever have known – or even thought – that such corruption was not only present, but prevalent in his new city of residence? Was he prepared to meet the challenges of lies, deceit, misinformation and political hackery?

like rats from that famous ship, we see the dumpster diving antics of politicians leaping for security away from their desks of deception rather than being exposed for the vermin they are. But we all live in hope that the prescribed pesticide of precept will find them in their duplicitous dens of deceit. We’ve seen an FBI director get fired leaving multiple questions of lawbreaking in his own wake. Replaced by another whose wife took hundreds of thousands of dollars in her democratic campaign causing serious conflict of interest proclamations. And so many of this DOJ clan are tainted with their own involvements into the Uranium One debacle as to be laughable in any serious discussion. We’ve seen an impotent Attorney General who seems to bypass any opportunity to defend the rule of law by not fully pursuing those who, in the eyes of the general public, have commited open and overt acts of corruption, lawlessness and possibly treason. yes, treason. What else do you call selling out America?

We’ve seen a special council appointed who is hell bent on finding, what seems to be, non-existent evidence of a US hating Trump and his imaginary “Russian Connection”, while a previous president’s political book is laid open with more and more pages stained with the blood of American lives, potential treasonous acts, and an agenda that bespeaks of nothing aligned with truth and patriotism.

Is this drawn out charade of justice meant to delay the inevitable until the presence of a new “leftier” congress is in place to carry out the impeachment marching orders of the radical progressives with more unsupported rhetoric from this wasteful effort?

And through all this, we again see the Clintons at the middle of scheme after scheme after slimy money grabbing scheme. All designed to personally enrich themselves, sell their influence and power. But are they now skating on the thin ice of lies over a sea of opposition and truth? Are their chickens about to visit home and walk right through the front door? Are they close to seeing the justice so many in this country want for their concealed crimes again the country and possibly truly innocent individuals?

Bill’s, speaking fees from a Russian bank involved with a cobal to take over partial control of a valuable American resource. The globe circling foundation, with their tens of millions of foreign dollars that serve to fill the silk lined pockets of the Clintons – all of them – rather than serving the starving, unclothed masses continually extolled most vociferously to gain the exchange of more and more checks and favors. Are these funds gathered for the purpose of buying a seat at the Clinton table of power to further their estranged grip on American assets and privilege?

All while, yes… American uranium was shipped out of the country to…. well, we’re not sure yet where to except it’s not here where it belongs. Uranium rich ore, a valuable resource not just for the making of weapons, but used for valuable medical isotopes such as Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99 or “moly-99”). A commodity we need for life saving research and treatments for some 56,000 citizens a day – but instead of making it here, we spend millions to import it because we have a shortage of… uranium.

The growing “email scandal” is still off the front burner but slowly making its way from the rear of discussions as people see the veiled attempts to run questionable activities out of public view. Destroying evidence after issued subpoenas? The use of unsecured resources putting our country and its secrets at risk? Hammering and hiding Blackberrys, laptops and smartphones for the purpose of… well, who really knows yet at this point.

The DNC reveling in its own misdeeds paying for concocted files on a political rival under the guise of “opposition research”. A ruse involving participation of the nation’s top law enforcement agency and possibly their money- OUR money? A falsehood potentially used to obtain illegal warrants for the purpose of spying on their opposition, then… involving people and information obtained to prosecute for the purpose of political control and destruction?

And we haven’t touched on the sex scandals that are “exposing themselves” at every turn of the congressional calendar, or the other DNC and office holders whose actions exhibit questionable legalities in the lofty positions they hold.

And will B Hussein finally be exposed for his socialist/fascist/Communist/Muslim accommodating destructiveness he wrought, and, worse yet, will America care enough to perceive their responsibility to follow through? Will his continued opposition to this country and its principals through his Organizing for Action group, boasting tens of thousands of lemmings out to disrupt our society, have its desired affect on our freedom? Will his cohorts of Lynch, Holder, Rice, Lerner and countless hidden others be swept into the light of truth to face their rightful day in court?

Will his revealed actions teach America a lesson of how close we came to political and economic meltdown, or will the blind obsession of the left keep wielding the sword of socialism till a NWO emerges to control us through some power hungry group like the UN invading our borders?

Coming soon, we look at the DOJ from the inside, from the perspective of the youngest Assistant US Attorney to hold the office in the 90’s, and we see how things have changed into the cesspool of dishonesty, disloyalty and the furthering falsehoods we have today. Could such a brothel of brummagem have been seen and even imagined for this great country?

Sidney Powell will expose this for what it is. Her recent book, Licensed to Lie, is more telling now than ever about the dangers present, and the ones yet to come.

If our leaders fulfill their appropriate and expected duties, the unraveling of this onerous onion will continue and we’ll see more and more of the lies we’ve been living under, and allow true justice to take its course.

Washington should fear the light of day. They should understand their time of treasonous actions is about to come to a close as America exposes them for what they are; And dispenses justice on their deeds. Yes, it’s a fear forged in our founding fathers beliefs of freedom, equality and justice.

As we look forward to a new year, may we all find peace, prosperity, personal power and presence of mind to better ourselves and our country.

God bless America.


Ron Boat asks…What makes America work?

THINK ABOUT IT AMERICA – What makes it work? People! The good people who work, who contribute and commit, step up and help others. People who give of their time and money for charities, helping others they don’t even know, selfishly participating in others’ lives. In the case of first responders actually placing their lives in danger for the benefit and well being of their fellow citizens.

This week saw the repulsive antithesis of good – evil. The true and real  personification of what can go wrong when people put themselves above others. The total, ultimate and final resolution of personal hate and disdain for society, it’s rules, laws, and yes its participants. What causes – what forces someone to plan out an attack, living with ingrained hatred for days or weeks wanting to do one thing…. kill people they don’t even know. If we knew that we could probably solve crime in America.

We can make an excuse for those who kill out of rage or revenge, who take a life in defense or retribution but to wantonly take lives of people doing nothing more than enjoying their lives, their freedoms, their love of life is without reason or sanity. We find no solace in half truths, explanations of one’s anathema for humanity because in most cases there is no acceptable, reasonable reason for reactions so destructive. To harm those who don’t know, who have done you no wrong, who are not in your life in any way other than to breathe the same air of freedom and opportunity is wordless in its description.

The balance of this lunacy are the lines of people who stood for 6-8 hours to give their life’s blood for those they simply heard needed their help, their  support, their élan vital of life, giving subsistence to those who need it more. People who answered the call with no knowledge of the needy other than… they have a need. People who give their time and blood without benefit of reward other than that personal satisfaction and smile that lingers for days or weeks when remembering “they were there to help their fellow man,” they were part of the anonymous army that cared, that responded, that gave and saved.

It’s been said many times and by many means that no man is an island. The people killed did not live under a vacuousness veil of society anonymity. Their lives touched many people; they had families, friends, coworkers, they were contributors to the collective whole of America. Their passing leaves a potential for greater loss given their future beneficence to us all.  The only small flickering ray of rank reality was the cowardice of the gunman – who shall go unnamed here –  for taking his own desperate life saving taxpayers millions in trials, treatments and useless attempts at reform and rehabilitation – for there is none for such unspeakable heinousness.

The only shortcoming of this result is the lack of reason for the families of victims – the truth behind the turmoil that might offer some comfort and contentment, some final closure and cessation of the pains of life, if even for a moment of personal relief. But in the end… there may be no reason other than a selfish, self-serving act, a delirious desire for dominance on the world stage if only for the time it takes to forget such malevolent motion of murderousness inhumanity.

God bless the innocent victims, their families, their community and God bless America as we deal with the evil in our midst.



Ron Boat needs to be muzzled and put in a cage

At times that’s what many people think when I express my views and reveal my rants on current affairs, social and political misfires. I can’t stand idiocy, lunacy, stupidity or haranguing diatribe from either side of the political sewer.

As a basis…. I’m older than a half century, started and have run my own business for 46 years, am a proud US Army veteran and graduate of special schooling at the US Naval Academy. Have been a survivor in life making my own way with creativity and hard work having not been born into money or taking anything from society.

When asked about being either an “R” or a “D” I usually reply, “I’m an American and I want the best for this country wherever the ideas come from.”

I believe what’s true is true, and the pig with lipstick is still… well you know. And teaching that pig to sing… still doesn’t work. I believe in personal responsibility. If I can do it almost anyone can and I’m an equal opportunity believer…. Your race or religion, your personal sexual persuasions, your background or environment shouldn’t be the excuse for your failures.

Too many people from the wrong side of the river, with physical handicaps or lack of monetary foundations have been overwhelmingly successful in life. (I’m still working on mine) 🙂  And God bless their contributions to our society and the world.

But the thing that really pulls my chain, that influences people to want me committed, is the direction of the country. The lack of respect on the part of young people – a DIRECT result of poor parenting (or none) and the social acceptance promoted by our socialist/fascist leaders.

The lack of education being taught, or applied, that leads people to wonder through their day disrupting the lives of normal hard working people with their pedantic, pretentious displays of moral outrage at the reality of life. The botched belief they should condemn and control others with vicious, vituperative, vehement violence for the sake of pushing socialistic agendas NOT in the best interest of this free and capitalistic country.

The misconception that some lives matter more than others, or  are dismissed by those of a different color without regard to any real truths. The free wheeling feeling that destruction of private and TAXPAYER supported property is an acceptable target or that others’ personal lives don’t matter as much as their personal volumes of verbosity express. There’s a war being waged against freedom and this country needs to heed the wake up call of patriotism and reason to combat the forces of evil which are prevalent, yea already prevailing in the perseverant  persona of personal promotion.

Freedom of speech? ABSOLUTELY. Freedom of  chaos and revolution? UNACCEPTABLE. Face it, anarchy is the method and goal of these Soros funded, Obama approved and trained messengers of misrule. They hate America, they hate its people, and they hate the success some have achieved and who will be accused of denying others of their rights and entitlements. For them, America is the reason the world is “unequal” and “unjust” and it’s their personal pilgrimage and primary pursuit that drives them to consume and crush cultures.

They don’t care about your right to survive, grow, produce and enjoy the fruits of your own labors. They want you to curtail your profits and not sell Pumpkin Spice lattes if you’re in a Trump building. They want you to “share the wealth” with those less fortunate (code word for lazy) while their citadels of abundance like Facebook and Google continue to overflow with the funds from the working class they despise.

The concept or name of your sports team is probably racist. And you’re certainly a racist if you oppose a religion that wants to kill you or speak out against the illegal ignoring the rule of law, sneaking across our borders and wanting your job or wasting public funds with free this and that while flipping the finger of foulness at you for your lack of compassion and caring. Yea… let me get out my checkbook and take care of those unfortunates.

Schools want to kick you out if you wear an American flag t-shirt yet encourage, or order police to stand down while roaming hoards of paid, mask wearing, rock throwing, organized anarchists disrupt public gatherings and burn public buildings. Certain governmental “occupiers” want to diminish your personal religious beliefs and rights, using them as excuses for deleting you from positions and public acceptance.

The education system is setting us up to fail in future generations with social acceptance of idiotic social sideshows of leftist, radical teachers.

Cities, under the leadership of left leaning progressives, allow and participate in the dramatic and damaging dissolution of our country’s history. The defacing and tearing down of statutes of figures who, according to them, had no place in our country or our history. Countries, leaders, standards and behaviors evolve and define over time yet to use their presence as an excuse to destroy should be objectionable and repugnant, yet many communities allow their leaders to ignore, acquiesce or promote such.

Six times this year (180 days) I’ve been banned from Facebook for expressing personal, non-violent views against certain leaders, groups, cults/religions that want to bring down our country, even destroy our way of life. All while others are openly allowed to promote violence, hateful, anti-American rhetoric and views contrary to a reasonable discourse for growing our society. Ever heard about that Muslim group or mass murderer who was posting on Facebook just before his abhorrent act of violence? Who was watching and banning him? And in FB’s incapacity to use common sense and intelligence, the posts they ban me for are from a year or more in the past. NO acceptance of the fact someone might have “learned to confirm” and improve their posts… they just want me gone from communicating with like-minded conservatives my proclivity for passionate points of  patriotism.

Yes, maybe there are times I should be caged but muzzled? I still think non-violent speech is allowed and acceptable even when I disagree. But don’t think me a combative opposing fool when trying to pull blankets of idiocy over me all while beating me with your club of acceptable and understanding.

Was Trump to be the savior of this country we’ve been wanting for 4, 8, 16, 20+ years? He’s no self proclaimed Messiah, but is trying his best non-political ways of dealing with the hand he was left with at the table of leadership. Take a deep breathe and imagine the chaos and calamity had he lost this important turning point election. If this country grows and succeeds – so does he in the long run. If the traitors on the left and the Trump haters, detractors and dissenters have their way… we all suffer and we could be looking at  irreversible  deterioration of the best country ever to inhabit this planet.

It’s been said that:

The decline from democracy to tyranny is both a natural and inevitable one. It’s a fact, nonetheless.

In every case, a democracy will deteriorate as the result of the electorate accepting the loss of freedom in trade for largess from their government. This process may be fascism, socialism, communism, or a basket of “isms,” but tyranny is the inevitable endgame of democracy. 

And while America is not a democracy, the same can be said for a republic founded on the principles of freedom and God given rights, operating under the rule of law.

I believe our founders were some of the most brilliant men ever to conceive a country. They came from the tyranny of governmental controls that confined its people and restrained their spirit. They knew what would make and keep this new bastion of freedom free and growing, centuries after their parting. As I’ve written before, their beliefs played a dominant part in our founding and it’s our charge to continue their dreams, to fight for their vision of this republic and its people.

OK, cage me, but I’ll never relinquish my attempt to express my views and love of this country. I’ll never give up hope that we can reverse the efforts of satanic and anarchist deviants that wish to destroy. I won’t acquiesce my oath to the military and the country for its protection and betterment.

Whatever your race, religion, status in life, political party, personal beliefs or opinions, I trust you’ll do your part as so many others have, and do what you can to #MAGA in one way or another.





Ron Boat exposes the expanding “Facts of Corruption”…Again

For the longest time, the collective liberal legions thought and expected that democrats were just “helping the poor”, “aiding the downtrodden”, and “bettering America.” Then instead of a helping hand it grew to give away the store while replacing personal responsibility, then in the last eight years we’ve seen Obama’s true gift to America…. the expanded concept of redistribution of wealth. (as leaked to Joe the plumber) Taking from those who earned it and giving to those who want it but are too lazy to work for it. (*)

But lately we’ve seen the real truth of liberal progressiveness. It’s the takeover of America, the total control of money, power, and even the actions and thoughts of a free citizenry. The complete rule over one’s being and existence.

The accomplishment of this goal is not as originally schemed, through the ballot box, but the subversion of our very government. The twisted misuse of our laws and the well considered intentions of our founding fathers. The destructive, satanic and ritualistic lies and violent disorder of social unrest all meant to distract and pervert our way of life.

The original simplistic strategy and insidious intention was to win and control through the greedy votes of  the electorate, whose minds had been warped by many theories of “you deserve”, “The other guys are taking from you”, and in essence “get you some.” But seeing this was slow and hampered by reason and truth, seeing more and more the em-battlement against them was strong, more sabotage and deceit was required.

Enter lawlessness. No one (of reason) can deny the growth of lies, manipulations, down- right corruption and chaos has entered our governing body. We saw lies and malfeasance about in the Obama years with scandal after scandal perpetrated through abuse of power. The growing, blatant assault on freedom was right there in front for all to see and yet most either ignored, accepted or acquiesced, or some cases justified and supported.

The most perfect, recent and shameless example is the handling of foreign involvement in our governmental rule. The pay-to-play schemes of the Clintons and their traitorous actions giving away portions of America’s uranium to an enemy for cash. The intrusion of religious groups from foreign lands who have no acceptance of our way of life or freedoms, yet worming their way into the fabric of our lives, dictating policies, taking and squandering our monies and minds.

And unless you’ve been under a rock or in a Pakistani cave for the last couple of weeks, the revealed abhorrent behavior of former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on full display. Her actions bespeak the underlying corruption of a system gone bad – placing full trust in our leaders hoping they are there to protect us.

To backtrack:

Mr. Imran Awan, 37, began working for House Democrats as an IT staffer in 2004. By the next year, he was working for future Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Over time he would add his wife, two brothers, a brother’s wife and a friend to the payroll—and at handsome sums. One brother, Jamal, hired in 2014 reportedly at age 20, was paid $160,000. That’s in line with what a chief of staff makes—about four times the average Capitol Hill staffer. No Democrat appears to have investigated these huge numbers or been asked to account for them.

According to an analysis by the Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak,  the family has collected $5 million since 2003 and “appeared at one time or another on an estimated 80 House Democrats’ payrolls.” Yet Mr. Rosiak interviewed House staffers who claim most of the family were “ghost” employees and didn’t come to work. Only in government does nobody notice when staffers fail to show up. [ It’s been noted that some of this clan worked at McDonald’s or a car dealership – Abid Awan, a brother- while collecting huge salaries and one apparently stayed home a lot ]

The family was plenty busy elsewhere. A litany of court documents accuse them of bankruptcy fraud, life-insurance fraud, tax fraud and extortion. Abid Awan, ran up more than $1 million in debts on a failed car dealership he somehow operated while supposedly working full time on the Hill. One document ties the family to a loan from a man stripped of his Maryland medical license after false billing. Capitol Police are investigating allegations of procurement fraud and theft. The brothers filed false financial-disclosure forms, with Imran Awan claiming his wife had no income, even as she worked as a fellow House IT staffer

Most recent FBI affidavit accuses Imran Awan of defrauding the Congressional Federal Credit Union by lying about the use of his rental properties to get a $165,000 home-equity loan—which he immediately wrapped into a $283,000 wire transfer to Pakistan. At one point, (pretending to be his wife on the phone) lied about sending money to Pakistan,for “funeral arrangements.”

This clan of Pakistani thieves and subversives not only had access to our payrolls but to thousands of documents of House Democrats through the multiple servers they could penetrate. Hence, our nation’s secrets at risk – AGAIN. [staffer’s services were “so important” to congressional members, that on March 22, 2016, eight democrat members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a letter, requesting that their IT staffers be granted access to Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI). Of those that signed the letter were representatives Jackie Speier (CA) and Andre Carson (IN), the second Muslim in Congress, both of whom employed the Awan brothers.]

Enter Ms Schultz continued to shield Imran Awan to the end – even after he had been banned from working for democrats on the hill. Yes, the amounts of money, and the ties to Pakistan, are strange. Yes, it is alarming that emails show Imran Awan knew Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password, and that the family might have had wider access to the accounts of lawmakers on the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees.

This  IT staffer Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles airport while trying to flee the United States. His wife had already fled leaving behind 2 smashed hard drives in their home which the FBI now has. The Capitol Police retrieved a laptop and other computer equipment from behind cabinets in an abandoned home’s garage.

Schultz fought hard – even threatening Capitol Police – over the return of a laptop. A threat she has yet to explain to those in power asking about her unprofessional and potentially illegal actions. [“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”]

This is just another dripping chapter in the ongoing saga of corruption, lies, overly deceitful bravado, and subversion which encircle even the DNC’s candidate, HRC. The money flowing to her foundation, the enlarged enormous speaking fees paid to hubby Bill, her own email problems and lies, allowing more access to our enemies with total disregard for our country while flagrantly waving the flag of equality for women, and Russian influences.

The true “definition” of this “D” party is palpable given they are “D-estructive”, “D-eceitful”, “D-fiant”, “D-uplicitous”, “D-ishonest”, “D-ouble Dealing”, “D-eceptive”, “D-isingenous”, “D-elusory”…… well… you get my Dominant Deliberate Disappointing point.

How long will America tolerate this totalitarian test? How long can we survive the slough of socialism, the carnage of communistic creep? How many times will we allow the predominant parlaying of personal promotion and prosperity?

Yes, we have been leaning this way more and more and the facts of fascism have presented themselves and are our own accepted doom without our relentless resistance.

Will the Trump train and a small segment of responsible republicans take the lead in curing our country of this cancerous cause? It’s about time and it seems more and more of our distressed, concerned and aware citizens are starting to see the light….. and they don’t like what they see.


*PS – I believe in social safety nets. But they’re not hammocks.


Thanks to Will Shakespeare’s Hamlet (act III, scene II), SPC  and Gateway Pundit for their sources on this

Ron Boat sits with Dennis Michael Lynch – Part 2

Dennis Michael Lynch (or DML as he prefers) is an American businessman, documentary film maker, and conservative political commentator. He often appears as a guest on Fox News, The Kelly File, and The Blaze.

He has captured America’s eye and focused it on such subjects as the growing immigration problem with films such as “THEY COME TO America” parts I, II, and III. He shows the increasingly liberal media and their take on the news with “WE RIDE TO DC,” and, with his upcoming “FIGHTING FOR AMERICA,” looks at our declining life in America and what we should do about it.

In his 2015 film, “POWER GRAB,” He spends time with Dick Morris and looked at  Obama’s remaining time in office and his plans for a one-party political system.

This is the 2nd part of our interview with DML’s responses that show his personal beliefs and motivations for producing the films and books he does. No racism, no rhetoric, just facts and reality as the camera and DML have seen them. Part 1 can be found HERE.


Part 2 –

Ron: Your recent successful projects (They Come to America I, II, & III) deal with the overwhelming immigration crisis we face. Not tens, but hundreds of thousands rushing our borders for freedom, opportunity or criminal advantage, take your pick. Either way, is this just one part of Obama’s realization of the Cloward-Piven strategy of causing harm to America by “overwhelming the system?” Will other “overwhelming” actions such as prisoner releases, crushing debt, takeover of the areas such as education and medicine, and suffocating regulatory environmental controls be part of your projects?

DML:  Obama’s fundamental transformation of America leaves a guy like me with no shortage of topics to cover.  Whether it’s a Cloward-Piven strategy he follows, or just his upside-down vision for America that fueled his moves, only he can answer that question.  I just know he’s been very effective at screwing up this country.  He has a full year to create more harm and I think he will.  That said, I could make 100 movies about what he’s done to America, and none of it is good.  As noted, I’m in pre-production on films covering welfare abuse, and another one on the abuse of veterans.  I tend to find myself interested in diving into areas where other people don’t go.  I’m passionate about some topics more than others, and I think my passion will dictate what I do versus don’t do.  Unlike Dinesh D’Souza, I don’t see myself making films about a single person like he did with Obama, and he has another coming out about Hillary.  I could never make a film entirely about one person who I don’t like.  For example, I would never make a film about Hillary — I would despise doing such a film.  I didn’t get into films so I can showcase 90-minutes of beating down on someone even if they deserve it.  I need and want my films to identify a problem, and then offer a solution.  If I can’t offer a solution, I won’t engage the topic.

Ron: For whatever reason, in whatever form, do you fear Obama’s plan, and execution of it, for America, and shouldn’t people be waking up to our real future as never imagined?

DML:  I think Obama’s damage is done, especially when it comes to immigration.  And if Hillary is elected, or if the wrong Republican is elected, I fear we take on the sort of trouble that is irreversible.  And as a father of 4, that scares me to no end.

Ron: You say that your biggest fear was filming the Cliven Bundy Ranch incident with the BLM? Are we seeing the beginnings of a tyrannical, dictatorial gov’t not previously allowed or even imagined in this country of the free?

DML:  I get asked a lot about the Bundy event and why the gov’t did what they did to Cliven.  I don’t have an answer.  I don’t know Cliven, and I didn’t spend much time getting into the back story.  I didn’t do what I did for Cliven or his cattle.  I stood in front of the BLM machine guns because the situation was getting hot and it needed leadership. I didn’t want to see one American die regardless of what side they were  on. That said, I was really scared that people were going to die, including myself — I feared I would get caught in crossfire.  So I stepped up and tried to defuse the situation.  Thankfully everything ended peacefully.  I’ve made a film about that day, it releases on DVD this November.

As for gov’t take-overs, I don’t think agencies like the BLM are trying to control people, etc.  That sort of thinking is a bit over the top in my opinion.  I think the BLM is the poster child for big government gone awry.  It’s a sign of gov’t being out of control.  And if we had a Reagan-like president, I think agencies like the BLM would be done away with.  Then again, I could be wrong — I just don’t know.  But I can tell you without pause that the scene in Nevada was as dangerous as it was preventable.

Ron: Are you meeting your personal goals for reaching, informing, warning, motivating action from citizens, or do you restrict your documentary style so your films are reflective of society and informational, hoping to get people involved?

DML:  I am very frustrated about my films not being in theaters, but I cannot break through the liberal gatekeepers who don’t want my immigration films to see the light of day.  If it was not for FOX NEWS, conservative radio, and NewsmaxTV you wouldn’t know my name.  But sadly those outlets are not enough, that’s why I give away the free DVDs with the purchase of one. People have shared my films over and over again, and because I don’t do the theater thing, I will never have a true idea of how many people have seen the films.  I do know it’s more than 1,000,000, and that’s cool by me, but I’d like it to be 100 million.

Ron: Many of your projects have focused the light on illegal, mainly Hispanic, immigration and yet, should we also be looking at Obama’s “legal” immigration of increasingly disconcerting Muslim populations? Are these the real destructive forces being introduced to America. Are they a part of a bigger Obama plan (or are we paranoid) and do you have any plans for a future look at this increasing problem? isn’t  it a major problem when “They Come to America” bringing Sharia law and archaic customs?

DML:  I am not a racist, nor do I target people by their skin color or nationality.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a big hearted guy who loves all people.  And so when people say my films are anti-Latino it’s just a big fat lie used to deflect the facts regarding who is coming here illegally.  The reason why you see so many Hispanics in my films is because fact is Hispanics are coming through the southern border in droves.   If the Irish and Italian were coming in illegally through Mexico, my films would be flooded with Irish and Italian people.

As for Islam, same principle applies — I don’t put a bullseye on someone for the sake of their religion.  Frankly, I don’t care who you pray to. But I am concerned about Islamic extremism, and I’m also turned off when people blame their religion as the reason why they can’t adapt to American culture.  My response is, “Why live here?” That said, I do cover Islamic extremism in my films, and in They Come to America 3, I do discuss what I witnessed in Michigan.  When I traveled through Dearborn it was like being in another country at times. I’d see one store after the next filled with signs written in Arabic.  Residential streets are filled with hundreds of women wearing full burkas and not one of them would say hello to me.  But the worst was driving through neighborhoods without seeing a single American flag waving from a flagpole or porch.  When that sort of thing happens it’s going to make it into my film.

Ron:  One politically active veteran and civil servant opined that it was delusional for you to consider running for president last year. And yet, don‘t we need passionate, patriotic, intelligent, almost “every day“ people running for local and national offices (as originally intended) rather than the elite, the political opportunists, the career office holders who have already proven their destructive results? Do you think your films are inspiring people to get more involved?

DML:   I’ve had people who love me say that running for office is crazy, especially when I’ve built a nice career doing what I love (i.e. making films).  As for some stranger who doesn’t know me but is willing to take their time to write nasty things about my efforts, I feel bad for that person. But then again there is no shortage of keyboard cowboys on the Internet who have a lot to say but little to offer, especially bloggers and Facebook warriors who hide behind alias names and fake profiles so they can spew lies.

I don’t think it was delusional of me at all.  In fact, I wish I hadn’t gotten sick because I believe I’d be polling towards the top.  For example, Megyn Kelly had me on her show to discuss my 2016 strategy.  I told her I was exploring a run for the presidency because I am in love with my country, and that no person is more qualified than myself when it comes to securing the border and stopping the illegal alien invasion.  Plus, I’ve created jobs for 25 years as a businessman, and I understand the issues facing America and how they need to be solved. And I can’t be bought or lobbied to by special interest groups. When her show was over she ran a poll on her Facebook page asking viewers if they’d vote for me.  Over 4k people responded, of which 88% said yes they would vote for me.  Lots of delusional people, I guess?

Ron: You have some exciting film and book projects coming up with your “A Day At Bundy’s”, “Fighting for America,” and ultimately your remake of “King of the Hamptons.” Anything else you want to tease us with and will these be an expansion, another beginning to a longer story yet to unfold on America’s future?

DML:  I am making a film about the 2016 race, that’s all I can say for now.

Ron: Any final words of wisdom, encouragement, warning for American in light of our election next year? Will ultimately Neal Diamond’s song end in such societal disharmony and a sour discord we don’t even want to consider it?

DML:  If Donald Trump has taught us one thing it’s that America is tired of the political correctness and the DC insiders. So if you’re tired of being tossed under the bus, stand up — don’t be afraid of voicing your concerns.  Remember, being pro-America doesn’t mean your anti-anything.  As for my films, if people go to TheyComeToAmerica.com and buy a DVD, I send them free copies to hand out to people so the truth can get out there.  Some people say giving away more DVDs than I sell makes me delusional, I say it makes me feel good to know I’m doing what I can to help my country.

Our thanks to Mr. Lynch for his time in conversing about his projects, and these timely subjects so important to America.


Be sure to visit http://www.dennismichaellynch.com/   and see his hard hitting films at http://www.dennismichaellynch.com/films_reel/



Ron Boat sits with Dennis Michael Lynch – Part 1

There are times it is interesting to look back and see how views of the past reflect the reality of what happened and what’s going to happen moving forward. In my travels I have opportunity to interview different people and DML is one of them.

Dennis Michael Lynch (or DML as he prefers) is an American businessman, documentary film maker, and conservative political commentator. He often appears as a guest on Fox News, The Kelly File, and The Blaze.

He has captured America’s eye and focused it on such subjects as the growing immigration problem with successful films such as “THEY COME TO AMERICA” parts I, II, and III. He shows the increasingly liberal media and their take on the news with “WE RIDE TO DC,” and, with his upcoming “FIGHTING FOR AMERICA,” looks at our declining life in America and what we should do about it.

In his 2015 film, “POWER GRAB,” He spends time with Dick Morris and looks at Obama’s remaining time in office and his plans for a one-party political system.

This is a 2-part interview with DML’s responses that show his personal beliefs and motivations for producing the films and books he does. No racism, no rhetoric, just facts and reality as the camera and DML have seen them.



Part 1 –

Ron: Having witnessed 9/11 first hand, watching citizens jumping to their deaths, seeing the destruction, dust and debris, it must have been such a life changing impression that you enrolled in the New York Film Academy. You started with shorter, simpler, more commercially appealing films, but did you find the goal pretty quickly to start your pursuit of telling the important stories or did that take time to evolve during your studies?

DML:  After living 9/11 and seeing my fellow Americans jump from 80 stories, and after seeing what 19 people could do to the most powerful country on Earth, I decided to make a change.  I no longer desired to continue as a CEO and chase money, but instead chase my dream of making films.  And during the making of my first film “King of the Hamptons’, which includes many Hollywood stars, I met a man who protests against illegal immigration each and every day.  He does this because he lost his ability to earn a living because of the illegal aliens who undercut his prices (he’s a contractor).  And so he protests on the corner of a 7-Eleven where dishonest contractors come to pick up the illegal aliens who stand there each morning looking for work.  After speaking with the guy (Tom), I decided to make a film about illegal immigration and its impact on America.

It was the experience of touring the country and making They Come to America which opened my eyes.  It enabled me to truly see how immigration has not only grown out of control, but how the media is ignoring the negative impact immigration is having on American workers, America’s culture, and our national security.  I made that film in 2010 – 2011, and I’ve been locked in ever since.  I’ve made three films about immigration and will make more, I am sure.  It’s like the Roach Motel, once you get in you never get out.  And I’m here to stay until the issue is addressed the way it needs to be.

Ron:  Your first major film, “King of the Hamptons” was a success with the local film festival crowds who had the chance to view this non-released film. It was more personal, almost motivational questioning of people’s lives dealing with midlife crises, and seemingly very separated from the political energy of current projects. With your upcoming remake, will you add the political elements in today’s life’s decisions and its influence on our daily existence? Is the political environment today more intrusive, more restrictive, in allowing us “to be all we can be” than it was even in 2010?

DML: So many people have asked to see the film.  But to release the original would add no value to the viewer today.  I always have a need to add value — I want to put out a movie that makes people think, and then to act — I want my films to push people to move forward be it for themselves or for a cause.  That said, I decided it would be far more valuable to do a remake of the film.  In short, the remake will marry the best parts of the original film with new scenes that show where I am today and how I got here.  My hope is the film will provide a gateway for people who find themselves stuck in a place of uncertainty.  What does that mean?

So many people have dreams and ideas, they know they are destined to do something great — they know they want to use their talents and determination to scale higher and to be more, but for some reason they are scared to try.  And so I think if people see where I was in 2008 (when I started making the film), to where I am now, they will get fired up about taking a chance on themselves even if they don’t know where they will land.   As for politics, sure there will be political tones in the film but it’s only because I’ve become so engrossed in politics.  But I won’t do what the left does — I won’t try to push my politics onto the viewer.  That’s not my style — not in this film anyhow.

Ron:  When you started your quest for immigration research and documentation, did you ever imagine the many stories of incidents like San Francisco’s Kate Steinle, or the Kansas City woman kidnapped at knife point, repeatedly raped and driven to New York by an illegal, the two Virginia girls killed by the illegal Alfredo Ramos driving drunk or our own Arizona police officer killed by an illegal drunk driver? Add to these the hundreds, no thousands of crimes committed by first time and returning illegals?

DML:  I had NO IDEA about the amount of crime generated by illegal aliens.  Most people have no idea how bad it is, unless of course you’re one of the victims, or a loved-one of a victim.

I receive gifts and letters in the mail each week, and some of them make me cry.  Example. I had a veteran send me his medal from Vietnam and ask, “Please don’t stop doing what you do, my son was killed by an illegal alien.”  I mean WOW, how do I not continue on with the next film?

Fact is, the cost of illegal immigration goes beyond a dollar figure.  How do you put a price on a lost life, or a child raped?  For example, in N. Carolina alone, last year more than 1,000 illegal aliens were arrested for more than 5,000 counts of rape of CHILDREN.  To me, that’s terrorism.  That’s our government allowing illegal aliens to come into this country and terrorize our children.  I want it stopped!

Ron: Have you imagined any final, ultimate story to break or is that yet to be written by future events? Do you think we’ll find a positive outcome for America?

DML:  As far as immigration goes, until a major public figure is killed by an illegal alien nothing will be done.  That is unless we get a president who really cares about the American people and understands like I do the damage being doing to America, then, perhaps, it will be addressed.  I say it is the number one issue in America, and I say that because I know it touches almost every issue we face, including education, welfare, jobs, national security, healthcare, etc.

As for the long term outlook for America as a whole, I hate to bet against the country I love, so I won’t.  But if Hillary Clinton was elected, I may want to change my bet.

Ron: Immigration was the first main theme of your released films, then you moved to exposing the liberal media and then a more in depth look at Obama’s transformation of America earlier this year. Do you have a long term “pattern” or “route” in mind when picking your subjects or just taking things as they seem timely and important?

DML:  The media film is called WE RIDE TO DC.  And I didn’t plan on making it.  About 8-months earlier I was asked by producers if I would provide an exclusive to The Kelly File.  Meaning, I would appear only on Megyn’s show and to go out and shoot the sort of eye-opening video my films offer.  I agreed to try it, and in doing so I was exposed to various events, and I captured so much on camera.   I also got a real look at the media, and the bias that exists within it.

For example, The Kelly File was interested in me covering the government shutdown and the Memorials being closed.  And so in WE RIDE TO DC the viewer is shown what really took place when the veterans protested by throwing the barricades down in front of the White House.  The other media outlets like CNN and MSNBC where there covering the story with me, but they aired selective sound bites that made the veterans look like maniacs and racists.  It was so far from the truth and I had the clips to prove it.  That said, after 6 months of similar events and situations where I could show the media bias that powers the airwaves, I decided to use my footage to make a film. And so I made WE RIDE TO DC in a matter of weeks and funny enough, after its release is when people began asking me to run for president.

Moving forward, I see myself expanding into other issues.  I’m getting ready to do a film about welfare, another about veterans, and a biggie in time for 2016, but I cannot share details about that one at the moment.

Ron: In 2007 I started my own research into this new player on the block – this Barack Obama, who, except for a previous speech at the Democratic convention in ’04, was virtually unknown. It was quickly apparent to me, a basically non-political person, that we were dealing with someone with long running associations such as the New party, the SDS, Socialists and Communists who would have an agenda not in keeping with our values and with possibly very destructive consequences. Have you had this same revelation and does it play a part in your writing and directing, or do you try to keep a more reserve, centered, “make your own decision” approach for the viewers?

DML:   I recall the first time I heard Obama speak.  He gave a speech at the DNC, and for some reason we were watching it on TV.  I looked at my wife and said, “That guy will be president one day.”  I said such not knowing who he was.  I was simply reacting to his ability to deliver a speech.  I did not vote for him, and so I never looked at his background because frankly, I wasn’t interested in politics at the time.  But today, knowing what I know, and diving into the nuances of news and politics each and every day like I do, he is a terrible president and I cannot believe the man was reelected in 2012.  It just shows how far downhill our country has gone, and how disconnected people are when it comes to knowing about what is taking place in America.  It’s one reason why I am happy about Trump being in the race.  His presence has reignited an interest in politics.  And so maybe more people will pay attention to who they elect.

As for my films, I tell the story as I see it happen in front of me.  I am conservative, but make no mistake, when it comes to the politicians, I am tougher on Republicans than I am on Democrats because I expect more.

Don’t miss Part 2 as we look at his new projects and thoughts of the elections of 2016.

Be sure to visit http://www.dennismichaellynch.com/   and see his hard hitting films at http://www.dennismichaellynch.com/films_reel/



Ron Boat grows impatient

I’ve never been an overly tolerant person. Especially when it comes to stupidity – And ESPECIALLY when it comes to people who lie to me or are so stupid that their own perception of facts stand as testament to irrational, misleading, blatantly wrong information and they believe they’re fooling me
People like Schumer, Waters, Sherman, Franken, Piglosi. Shelia Jackson Lee, and yes, B. Hussein and others (including the media) are so consumed with hate and deliberate blindness that their rhetoric rings hollow of any smidgen of truth and reason.
Their actions stand in the way of progress toward what’s important to America and its citizenry… things like national safety, economic growth, better education bringing fuller opportunities for all, a fairer less complicated ax system and affordable healthcare needed by so many.
The media has completely sold out in order to convey the untruthful messages of wrong doing, incompetence and yes, even treason. They make up misdirections and falsehoods in order to advance an agenda of anti-Americanism, socialism, and the power hungry left’s push for more control and less freedom. 
The interesting thing is that they miss the point. They amuse their own staffs, coworkers, family and friends with spoutings of silliness that wouldn’t pass muster at liars anonymous. THEY ARE GENERALLY TALKING TO THEMSELVES as even the left has started to see the futility of their efforts. They’re seeing that real facts stand in the way of wishful thinking and worse yet, only the most stupid of society will respond to their requests for opposition. And the thought that the most absurdly blind lemmings following this orchestration are directing the pulse of the country’s thinking makes one pause and puke.
When will real people stand up? When will they take a minute and call and write and make noise like the resistance does? Yes, I like others have written congress people only to months later get back an “email unread” or blanket irrelevant thank you response but with persistence we need to make an effort. MAKE NOISE and maybe, hopefully make a difference.
The media responds to one thing… MONEY. If they can ultimately get the message that we aren’t listening any more, we aren’t watching, we’re not buying from and supporting their sponsors….then maybe they’ll get the message that truthful, fair and balanced reason is a better way to go than deliberate, wrongful indoctrination.
With Trump’s election, we stemmed the tide of societal destruction but the effort to bring down America hasn’t ended. In some cases it’s increased. My blood boils to watch the stupidity standing proudly behind podiums screaming and yelling their fairy-tales and fantasies of wrongdoing and malfeasance in order to assume more power, position and a prolonged existence in the public square.  
We need to keep up the fight, increase the push back to protect and defend. If not…. then all that our military has fought and died for over the decades, all that we’ve invested in energy, money and time to make this country the best has been wasted.
All the naysayers of reason need to know that the caring, intelligent, reasonable and patriotic people in the homeland outnumber the disciples of destruction they so boldly attempt to lead into a civil war of discourse, animosity and resentment.