Denise Simon

Denise Simon

Denise_Simon_200x200DENISE SIMON is a Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence organizations.

Her blog, Founders Code is considered by many to be the "go to source" for ahead-of-the-curve information.

In addition to her up the minute blog, Denise hosts her own weekly radio show, "The Denise Simon Experience".  Her radio show can be heard on Red Nation Rising Radio, WDDQ - Talk 92.1FM, WJHC - Talk 1075.FM and other terrestrial and Internet based radio networks.

Denise Simon’s impressive list of special guests include Kris “Tanto” Paranto, Jack Abramoff, LTG Tom McInerney, MG Paul Vallely, Alex Holstein, Jason Mattera, Charles Faddis, Charles Ortel, Claire M. Lopez, Robert Grenier, Tim Furnish, Tom Wyld, Johnny Walker, David Gaubatz and Allen West.

Denise is a regular guest / analyst on the nationally syndicated radio show, "The Captain's America - First Watch" (hosted by Matt Bruce) as well as on Cowboy Logic Radio.

We encourage you to sign up for her "Daily SITREP" and please follow Denise on Twitter and Facebook.

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