The Deplorables Show

The Deplorables Show is a online conservative radio talk show hosted by Eric Thompson and Jeremy Hanson connecting the irredeemable deplorable supporters of President Trump. Our passion is to equip & learn from fellow Deplorables in our pursuit to take a stand for liberty and Make America Great Again.

About Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson was born in the Midwest but has lived in Texas & California the past 30 years. By watching his blue collar parents working hard to pay their bills, Eric starting delivering newspapers at 7, worked in corn fields and in restaurant industry through high school.
He served our country in Desert Storm as a United States Marine and has a great love for The United States Of America. Passionate conservative lead by his Christian faith investing his time into his faith, family & country.

With the lack of leadership in the republican party & out of frustration in the direction of our country, Eric took to the air ways starting the Eric Thompson Show broadcasting on 1680 am in Fresno & 1100 am in Phoenix. This year he started a conservative online TV station called KTruth .

About Jeremy Hanson
Jeremy Hanson was born and raised in the Midwest. He grew up living in multiple areas in diverse circumstances. He has a blue collar heart and a white collar mind. He is the people’s think tank! Passion about truth, leadership, family, business and politics engaged him to be a voice for the people. Jeremy Hanson grew up with the motto “do as you say and say as you do”!! He believes safe spaces are for endangered animals and political correctness is another term for anti 1st amendment. When asked about his patriotism Jeremy Hanson responded…. PATRIOTISM? “I KNOW THE STRUGGLE”.

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Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips is the owner/operations manager for the Talk America Radio Network and is the executive producer for The Conservative Cartel, The Gavin Mitchell Show and The Matt Locke Show, all conservative talk shows using "new media" to broadcast on the Internet, on terrestrial affiliates across the country and via Facebook Live. Ron also owns Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc and specializes in New Media Productions for broadcasters (broadcast and production web hosting, talk show/podcast production and training, and social media broadcasting and training).