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Throughout my childhood, I suffered complete vision loss. Nevertheless, I have never allowed it to hinder my ability to pursue my dreams. From downhill skiing, to graduating law school at the university of Notre Dame in 2011, I am a testament to the fact that in America, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

More and more it seems as if the American dream is slipping away. Buffeted by the headwinds of high unemployment, government regulations, and mind boggling deficits, it is clear that the ship of state is drastically off course. All the while, the media and do nothing politicians are being blown along by the winds of change expelled by former Presidents.

If you too are sick of the state of affairs in our country, tune in as I rear end the dry by media with a dose of conservative common sense. Because, despite being blind, unlike too many of our liberal fellow citizens,  I see what is going on in Washington. The Jim Lockwood Show: Where the blind #FightTheBlind.

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