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Creativity starts and develops in many forms. Ron started at age 5 with piano lessons and then adding trumpet. This musical talent was developed through school, winning the Master Musician Award, and into college having received three college scholarships: Glendale College, Arizona State University and New Mexico State University. He entered A.S.U. to study Electrical Engineering. Then Ron graduated the Naval Academy, School of Music, spending 3 1/2 years with the U.S. Army Band program.

Ron's professional career again combined both areas of interest including his work on the production team of the first Fiesta Bowl in 1971. His own band played that event and eventually intro shows for such acts as Bob Hope, The Righteous Brothers, Ink Spots, Andy Williams, Henry Mancini, the Flying Wallendas and others. He produced concerts with acts such as Second City comedy groups and Andy Kaufman. He developed and produced musical concerts to be used as promotional events with such renowned musicians as Oscar Peterson, Kenny Burrell, Bud Shank, Buddy Collette, and Lorez Alexandria with his producing and L.A. studio partner Bobby Bryant. This background led Ron to open Sandstone Studios in Phoenix in '77 and Celebrity Sound in L.A. with Bobby in '80, with Ron being both business partner and audio engineer.

Ron's media production company, Production Services /AZ, continued its growth and recorded such musicians as Jackson Browne & the Group, Stephen Stills, Tom Rush, Ronee Blakley, Dave Liebman, Paul Winter Consort, and others. During this time, the expansion of the video and marketing aspects of PS/A grew. Ron’s duties would grow to include that of producer, director, copy/script writer, project manager, cameraman, client liaison, creative director, editor, sound engineer and gopher.

Ron led PS/A to be a full-service production company offering all areas of production to fully serve his clients. His desire was to work with the best people around having feature film, network and corporate executive experience in their fields of expertise. He's directed or produced shows for Naomi Judd, Carnie Wilson, Jimmy Connors, pro golfers Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, and Tom Purtzer, Phoenix Suns' Jerry Colangelo, Paint Jam's Dan Dunn, as well as national and international corporate clients.

Currently Ron is producing for his media and marketing production company including work for ATN World News Network, and video/creative work for Kevin Jackson, FOX contributor and host of his successful "The Black Sphere" nationally syndicated radio show and media company, and is producing a trailer for a new feature film and a new TV series.

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