Talk America Radio Show Agreement

Submit Your Show to Talk America Radio

Welcome to Talk America Radio Network!  We would be honored to host your show on our station. As we inch closer to the terrestrial radio program clock, we do have some guidelines that we respectfully request all shows/producers follow so that we may also "pay the bills".  These guidelines are for timing, graphics and production quality.

Please take a moment to read the following broadcast agreement.

We do not use contracts or signed agreements. Everything we agree upon is verbal.  You provide the content/show and we'll rebroadcast it for you.  Pretty easy.

Either party can terminate this arrangement at any time, with or without notice.

Show Timing

Whether your show is one hour or multiple hours, each hour should be divided up into (max) 54 minute segments. If your show is multiple hours, Talk America Radio should receive a (max) 54 minute segment for each hour.  It is absolutely necessary that each file be no longer than 54 minutes with no vocals after 53:51.  This (max) 54 minute program clock allows the station to be able to earn revenue as we utilize the first six minutes of each hour for news and commercial advertising for the station and then we add a station liner at 00:06 that is about 9 seconds long.

Remember, if you will be sending us files, that's fine, but please break each hour into a file of no more than 54 minutes in length.

Talk America Radio HIGHLY encourages the use of Dropbox for sending/synching your files.  This allows complete automation, without the need for human intervention, for placing your files on the station's automation server.  Not only that, it allows the hosts to update their shows as they see fit.  Abuse of this privilege will result in removal of your show from the network.

Once I have your file(s), it will then be placed in the rotation for air play. Each episode will air at least once, but possibly 2 or more times, depending on how often the show is produced and the needs of the network.  While you will have scheduled times for your show, we may also run your show as "filler" on either one or both of our streams (Liberty and Justice).

We would appreciate you giving the network a mention to your listeners during your show. Mentioning that you're a part of the Talk America Radio Network will allow us both to benefit from the exposure in that your show will help provide listeners to the network and the network will provide new listeners to your shows.

I will do my best to locate your bio and a headshot online.  Additionally, I will do my best to create a professional host page that compliments your show.  If you have the following items available, please provide them.  For the show page banner, we need a high quality graphic that is 900 x 300 pixels.  We also need a small/medium banner that is 480 x 320 pixels. Lastly, we'll need a logo banner of 300 x 300 pixels.

Production Quality

This is VERY important.  Talk America Radio must have production quality audio to be able to add your show to our network.  Talk America Radio is a professional network that lends its schedule and shows to many terrestrial affiliates across the nation.

It is HIGHLY recommended that all show hosts wishing to have their show put on the Talk America Radio Network seek guidance regarding quality recording methods.  Cheap USB microphones, headset (gaming) microphones, telephones as microphones and other low quality recording devices should NOT be used as the quality will not be good enough for placement on the network.

File Specifications

All files must meet MINIMUM requirements, however, to ensure quality programming, we will also provide a set of RECOMMENDED requirements.

Minimum File Requirements:

  • 44,100 sample rate
  • 16 or 24 bit rate
  • File received must be at least a 64k MONO MP3

Recommended File Requirements:

  • 44,100 sample rate
  • 24 or 32 bit rate
  • File received should be a 128k STEREO Mp3

If you have any questions, please reach out via email or phone.

Click here to submit your show for consideration.

In Liberty,

Ron Phillips
Operations Manager
Talk America Radio Network
Station: (817) 768-8751