Is President Trump Today’s Governor George Wallace?

President Trump captured enough electoral votes for the win. A glance back in recent history tells this story. While Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself, you have to understand, her arrogance led her to believe she was above history repeating itself. So if I may, cheer up Hillary, it was never your time.

Like Wallace, Trump actually has a heart for the African American race and the poor. However, when you seek both money and power, and most importantly power, in this country, the blacks and the poor do not hold a special place in that same heart. The reasons President Trump does not condemn the KKK and Putin are quite obvious, they are the same reasons former Judge Wallace differed from then Governor Wallace, he has made a deal with the devil.

I know many believe I am a huge President Trump supporter because I defend many of his actions on social media. I have my reasons. The main reason is simply due to his bravery to fight the status quo. There are many events in US history that outlines a brotherhood between the police, secret service, CIA, FBI, government officials, and the mob. Assassinations all connected leading to a “lone wolf” and the average American will never be privy to the truth. Events both now and in the past that have been orchestrated purposely so that we the people cry out for more law and order. It is my belief the Vegas Shooter is baffling our federal agents because for once they truly had no idea he existed.

President Trump knew with the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement front and center he could sway those that did not like the feeling of division, and also those that did not like the thought of a black person being equal or superior. His strategy was simple, yet at a time when it could be most effective due to the state of our country. I know it is hard for many liberals to grasp that not all Trump supporters are racist, one day they may understand he also has the support for those wanting domestic peace and less government.

At the start of President Trump’s campaign, I bet he truly believed he could be the one to “drain the swamp”. To do that you would literally have to dismantle every branch of the government at the same time all while changing policies to limit the government in every aspect. Many insert he is changing every policy former President Obama has put in place to undo what a black man has accomplished. Yet, if you look closely, he is changing policies that limit government and those that are pulling strings behind the scenes. Am I the only one wondering why President Obama felt the need to break bread with Cuba?

Democrat and republican leaders all seek money and power. The problem I have with the democratic party is they will obtain both money and power by any means necessary. In history, some conspiracy theories have substantial evidence to where if you connect the dots, you can see not only sabotage of a party mate, but murder for a chance at the top spot has occurred. As we saw in the past election, the DNC and Hillary Clinton went out of their way to ensure the loss of Bernie Sanders. I say out of their way because I believe he didn’t have what it took to beat Clinton regardless, but apparently she scares easily.

I have a theory of my own. I believe President Trump will get back to his roots after the pot is stirred to a boiling point and he is in his second term. Like Wallace he will continue to court a specific group. “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” is Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. Skirting the media by breaking his own news on Twitter will continue to anger many news networks, that will continue the attacks on him and keep him front and center. Tweeting about the NFL and every black protest will seem as if he is against the rise of a black man and will keep his racist voters satisfied, but he will flip the script angering those voters once re-elected. Similar to when Governor George Wallace had to pretend to oppose of integration at Alabama University. Maintaining his stance on immigration and tax reform will create a soft spot for the working class. And of course, for his wealthy friends, well he has to think of something quick. Congress dropping the ball on healthcare was a bad a look.

Was President Trump up against a modern day John Patterson? No, but people were afraid and angry, and tapping into that sealed the deal. I also have a few suggestions, dump Omarosa for former Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, get Ivanka out of official business, and hand a yuge project to Melania.

Mark my words, President Trump will serve two terms.

Colin Kaepernick Signing an NFL Contract Nullifies His Stance

“Runaway Slave Patrol”, according to unsigned Colin Kaepernick, is the perfect description of today’s police force. I wonder how he describes the NFL draft? You know, when rich white men evaluate mostly black men for their strength and physical ability. Choosing the best based on their performance in the field. Owners branding men immediately with a hat displaying their trademarked logo. Wait a minute….

What do we know for sure?

Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem as a stance against police brutality and the oppression of black people. Many on social media, not to be confused with the actual population within the United States, believe he is now being blackballed for his silent protest. Let us keep in mind this may actually be true. However, it is an owner’s right not to sign anyone they do not want to represent their brand. Ask Terrell Owens and Allen Iverson. So if everyone is exercising their rights, what is the problem? To some, a team exercising their right isn’t right because Kaepernick’s right is for social injustice and that right should precede any other right. I hope I got that right.

Unfortunately, the outrage that Colin Kaepernick is unsigned doesn’t actually align with his stance. For one, the amount of police surrounding the players in order to ensure their safety has got to make Kaepernick uncomfortable. Why would his supporters want him around that many officers? The NFL Association is a union established to protect players, their rights, and image. Why didn’t the union defend Colin’s first amendment right to kneel? Signing a contract is hardly freedom, the NFL has a long history of oppressing players, that was figured out in 1956 when the union was established. Think about it, Kaepernick fans begging for his NFL paycheck basically says he depends on a system which he decided to publically resist. Taking a job in the national league, that honors the National Anthem, goes against his personal views. Might I add, he opted out of his contract, he wasn’t kicked to the curb.

I will say I support his campaign for citizens to be familiar with the law, and understanding their rights. I will also say he and his girlfriend look related, but that is none of my business. At the end of the day, Kaepernick may receive an offer he and his agent can agree to accept. If Manziel gets a shot to coach college ball, anything is possible.