Socialism Election Update 2018

Sonny and Cher said it decades ago and it still resonates: The beat goes on. The irritating, annoying drum beat of socialism: and it continues with the denial of all who protest in its favor without benefit of facts, experience or reason.

As this year’s mid term elections loom closer, this short follow up is just a reminder, a warning, of the new mantra – and the direction – of the left, except they choose to call it “democratic socialism.” As if that’s really any different than the controlling, debilitating, dangerous form of beneficial freedom they expound to the masses: equality.

Bernie brought it to the forefront as an acceptable alternative to our republic and the two parties which dominate its government. He made it cool to be, and support, a socialist. He started the landslide of acceptability of a form of economics/government that his followers haven’t a diddly clue of what it really means. And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has picked up the mace of misguidance to lead the parade of liberal lemmings.

For those bereft of facts, here’s a quick look at a couple reminders of the “good stuff” they characterize as nice.

1- NO country has EVER succeeded under Socialism – NONE.
2- 100,000,000 people were murdered under the banner of Socialism in the 20th century.
3-  It doesn’t reward people for being entrepreneurial and competitive, an opposition to the true human spirit to excel and succeed.
4- The government set up to represent and benefit the masses may well abuse its position and claim power for itself.
5- From each according to his ability, to each according to his need – except when people’s ability becomes nill, zip, zero and nada.

The masses who left the sanctity and safety of their parents’ basements need to

https://commons. wikimedia.orgwindex. phpsearch=bernie+sanders

either do some basic research or buy a plane ticket south and look at Socialism in its raw state of despair – Venezuela.

The educational value would be worth more in life than all the college degrees they’d earn, for it would change and better their lives to know the truth.

httpscommons.wikimedia. orgwiki FileEscasez_en_ Venezuela,_Mercal.JPG

They would find people waiting for hours in lines for food, only to find disappointment that the food, the paper goods, the essential staples of even a simple life – are all gone. Disappeared in a cloud of desperation.

The basics of life not to be found for people who have lived decades in a country once wealthy and successful, or those who entered life and a future of failure and poverty only months before.

Store shelves

https://commons.wikimedia .org/ w/index.php?search= File%3A Venezuela+shortages

This is not what God intended for people, and yet a failed government and system of economics produces exactly this for those anxious and intent to accept it.


People fill their days, not with productive endevours, but are relegated to the humbling tasks of foraging for their fundamental food in the trash heaps which increasingly line the streets and alleys.

searching for food in the trash

https://commons.wikimedia. org/w/index.php?title=File: Venezuelans_eating_garbage_ 2018_2.jpg&oldid=304435705

Life is not productive. It’s not easy. It’s not fun or relaxing. It’s a daily struggle just to survive for the facts are evident and overwhelming as to the result of socialism in Venezuela.

Life in every corner of the country is the same, growing evidence of a destructive regime. Make a note:


1- Hospitals are overrun as disease spreads on the wind.
2- Much needed medications are nonexistent.
3- Children are left at orphanages because their parents can’t feed them.
4-The military is in virtual breakdown down with desertions as rations disappear.
5-Utilities work very little if at all so water, sewer, power…well, just live without them for they’re not to be found.

protest sign

https:commons.wikimedia. orgwindex. phpsearch= venezuela+violence

One result? Imagine if in America 33,000,000 citizens just left the country. That’s in essence the result in Venezuela. 10% of the country who had the means has left. And those who are left demonstrate for their rights – as though anyone is watching and heeding their pleas.

The sign says: “Why do the Venezuelans protest? Insecurity, injustice, shortages, censorship, violence, corruption. Protesting is not a crime. Is a right”.

The sign expresses the desire of a forgotten and abused populus that might live till tomorrow – or might not depending on the garbage they find to eat and the used needles they recover from street gutters for what little medication they may have scrounged.

And without being flippant, in America right now are we seeing insecurity? Unequal or injustice? Censorship, violence and corruption? America is a strong country but violence from the well financed socialist left is growing with blatancy and dangerous intent. Are we not overwrought with corrupt officials running their own government in the dark halls of Congress and beyond?

And the current American reality?

A recent Gallup poll reports:

  • 57% of Democrats look favorably on Socialism, but
  • 47% of Democrats look favorably on Capitalism
  • Univ of Michigan teaches Capitalism should be overthrown
  • Open Syllabus Project says the most assigned economist in US colleges: Karl Marx

Police in Berkeley, Oregon and elsewhere have been given their stand down orders so as not to interfere with “socially organized” protesters so as not to “inflame them” or silence their right to protest.

Yes, Socialism is a mental, physical and cultural disease. A cancer growing wildly through the uneducated masses donning bandanas, black shirts and night sticks in order to get theirs, and led by self serving monarchs of majestic mischief.

Will America go socialist? As Justin Bieber sang:

“I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (Make it right)
Whenever you knock me down
I will not stay on the ground”

If antifa and socialists, leftists and fascist radicals are willing to fight and be true to their misguided ways… are we willing to fight any less for our rights and freedoms?

Those who have a real interest in America and yes, their own futures as healthy, successful, happy individuals need to wake up and smell what they’re really wanting – because it smells more like the tent conclaves of those cities and states whose goal is to fight our way of life rather than better it.

When you vote this November, know the person you’re voting for and ask: “do they have your best interests at heart… or their own?” And “are they socialist, openly or in disguise?”

Your comments below will be answered and I thank you.