The New Deadly Society in the Making

We can’t call it Communism, oh no no no. They don’t like fascism. Too old sounding. Marxism? Naw that doesn’t work. Maoism? Nope, not in the US. Leninism? Close but no Clinton cigar. Socialism? Getting closer.  Stalinism, Trotskyism? Naw, some couldn’t spell it correctly on the protest posters.

Ah ha… We’ll rope them in with Democratic Socialism. Yea, that’s it. It’ll sound great. Democracy will ring true as a “nice” sounding American value. And Socialism? Well.. they’ve heard that for a couple years from Bernie, and the new darling of the left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so that’ll be familiarly acceptable.

Yes… they dare not call it what it is. For it needs to be all polished up with newness and shine like a brass bell; mix in with the more popular terms of social hate like redistribution of wealth (gotta get those old rich guys), equality and all-inclusiveness. And after all, it is social justice for us all to be equal.

As the midterm elections approach, there’s a fever pitch of commotion and drama. The right, fighting hard to make sure all those Trump achievements stay in place so America can continue and remain Great Again!

The left, political armament in hand, fighting hard to reclaim their foothold – or stranglehold – on the seats of power. And if you were ever in doubt of their resolution, watch their antics in the Kavanaugh hearings. Paid demonstrators, last minute gotchas, wild 35 year old accusations from a lefty activist prodded on by a liberal lawyer anxious for another 15 minutes of billable fame.

For those behind in the game, the Kavanaugh miscarriage is NOT about sex and supposed “attempted rape,” it’s about losing another seat on the left to sort of centrist Supreme Court for generations – thus affecting the left’s control of social issues and reshaping America. And they’ll use Roe v Wade as the hammer.

The embarrassing Feinstein fiasco was an open, blatant inner working of the stratagem of a “we’ll do anything to anyone, by any means” socialist agenda. For more clarification, stop by Barnes and Not so Noble and get your Rules for Radicals Handbook.

Obama snuck in the back door of American politics and introduced (and subtly pushed) modern day semi-socialism as somewhat acceptable. (Obamacare an example) He takes his political inspiration from the socialist-democrats in Europe. Bernie Sanders  (an admitted Socialist) brought it out and made it more open. And Ocasio-Cortez made it cool.

If you want the subtle textures and flavors of the Democratic Socialism soup, you need only go to their website, and then read carefully, not missing the nuances of supplant undermining. The faint, barely discernible undertones of deceit and sedition are everywhere.

The Democratic Socialists of America, also referred to as the DSA, is the largest openly socialist organization in the US. Let’s take a look at this force meant to disrupt and destroy America as you’ve come to love it’s open, free, opportunistic offerings.

They believe that “working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs,” not to make profits for a few. So working people need to run the economy? – I think we’re doing that now by WORKING – and society to meet human needs? Not sure what that means but again, don’t normal people run society BY VOTING?

And then the next line,”not to make profits for a few.” Well, whether it’s a trained dog act, a lemonade stand or 500 billion dollar company, someone is running the show and that’s generally “a few.” Companies, like countries and precision military operations are run by a selected minority for reasons of efficiency and control. And, they’re probably the ones that either invested their own money to make it happen, or spent years in education or working experience to be able to perform – for the betterment of those who have jobs and make a living.

They say they are “a political and activist organization, not a party.” Political parties many times are organized but the key word here is “activist.” We see how that works out in demonstrations and interactions with others. Can you say violence?

And then “through campus and community-based chapters, DSA members use a variety of tactics.” Yes, school campuses have been a hot bed of socialism and demonstration (remember Berkeley?) for decades. Liberal, left leaning teachers promoting the socialistic attributes of Marx, Lenin and others in order to prepare young moldable minds for the subversive task at hand… take over America.

They want FREE everything including Medicare. They say “In the capitalist system, you have to pay to get care or go without, and under a democratic socialist system, we would collectively provide care as a society.” In emergency cases, no one is denied healthcare (it’s the law) and many times it goes unpaid for by the recipient. And their key is “we would collectively provide care as a society.” The big question is… where does the money come from? Not the leaders living in hilltop marbled mansions, but the everyday working stiff that pays through the nose….whether they need the benefit or not.

And as Margaret Thatcher said (and she was way more correct than imaginable at the  time) :

“The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

But they forget to tell you that at the weekly Schutzstaffel meetings.

They want strong unions. I’d like one too for old, hard working, self-employed white guys that don’t make as much as they should for the work they do but….don’t think that’s coming anytime soon.

Face it – Back when they were formed and needed, the organized labor unions fought for better wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions. The labor movement led efforts to stop child labor, give health benefits and provide aid to workers who were injured or retired.

If you look at the facts, we have minimum wage laws, and ultimately pay and health benefits are dictated by the marketplace. Work hours and working conditions, child labor and workman’s compensation plans…. all overseen by Dept of Labor.

The unions’ original mandates are a bit outdated and exist now for the collection of money to put toward political agendas and to keep lazy, inefficient, often treasonous government workers in their jobs. And those agendas? They may or may not align with the workers’ desired political goals. Where allowed, union membership has been dropping as worker freedom rings louder in the workplace.

To paraphrase their goals: Those who declare themselves socialists must reaffirm their radicalism, envision a truly revolutionary anti-capitalist future, and understand that today, their cause is increasingly that of a radical democracy struggling to be born.

I only need to point to their own words: radicalismrevolutionaryanti-capitalistradical (and we’ll sneak in democracy to be more vanilla for the weaker less radical few).

The bottom line is this. Socialism has never – repeat NEVER worked in modern society. We need only to point to the burdensome controls of Cuba or the continuing downfall of Venezuela and their 1,000,000 % inflation rate as the poster children of failed attempts. The cartoon says it subtly as they hope Socialism triumphs over political parties, capitalism and religion. (Looks like it didn’t work out so well for capitalism)

The approaching midterm elections are about control, power and the continuation of a socialistic direction where a few control a lot, and the will of the people is not carried forth, and the rule of law… it went out with last week’s fish wrapped in your copy of Völkischer Beobachter.

The ignoring of the senate’s rules of law and order by the left are the perfect examples as they were twisted, abused and hammered into submission in the Kavanaugh hearings. Destroy, disrupt, deny, delay – all part of the desperate plan played out like a back alley dinner theater with no desserts.

Do your own research and see what these people really want for your future. See what mine fields lay ahead inside their rhetoric of “Americanism,” and the equality of “redistribution.” Beware, for the future is based on the concept: Elections have results.

The midterms are MOST important for America. Not just so one party can win over another, but so the founding fathers’ vision for freedoms, rights, God given tenets of society can be preserved, not twisted to be discarded like the I-beams of the WTC on 9/12/01.

Visit the links below and see what the alternatives to a true conservative vote can bring you. Going back to the freedoms you now enjoy won’t be so easy once the left controls your politics, your media, your education, your families, your work, your rights – your lives. And we’re well on our way.

SOCIALISM  (remember, it’s in opposition to capitalism)





While many of these are similar, they meld and mix into basically a steamroller of destruction headed to Communism. And whatever the definition or direction, they are NOT compatible with American founding or values.

The creep of Socialism has been stronger since it became acceptable, cool, and preferred, at least by those who benefit the most or are still uneducated. Controlling economic and governmental systems are the pyramid scheme to end all pyramid schemes. The few at the top are living well, in control, have the power and are doing as they please.

The supporting masses underneath have the boot of tyranny on their necks, working for the “good of the people.” Unrewarded for any personal ambitious devotion for advancement or betterment for themselves or their families. Entrepreneurship is gone, incentive is forgotten and real self-satisfaction and rewards are verboten.

Those on the right have a sense of their future and what they desire. Those in the middle should be seeking answers and need to find them through research and open eyes and minds.

Those on the left, for the most part, are the lemmings of the liberals, open to getting that FREE STUFF, no matter what the cost. But pay they will when the tasty colorful birthday icing is gone, and the empty cake plate lays bare like a dead field of once harvested rice.

This is my warning for November 6th –

VOTE this midterm like your future depends on it – for it does.


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