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TheStaffordVoiceThe Stafford Voice is a journal for conservative politics, news, thought and understanding which encompasses a mindset, shaped by a certain set of values and principles, dedicated to the continuous progression of this great nation we call The United States of America.

Since 2008 when The Stafford Voice was started, there have been many changes. It has gone from a very dark but simple site to what you see today, including a commenting system that allows you to be part of a larger discussion by logging in with many of todays social networking sites. And, while you can follow TSV on Facebook or Twitter, you can also receive daily updates or you can elect to subscribe to the monthly/quarterly newsletter. Either way you choose, the subscriptions are FREE!

About the Author

Daniel Stafford is the editor and webmaster of The Stafford Voice. He has a passion for national politics, and also the politics of the world. Daniel is a family man who met his lovely wife in Junior High and has been faithful to her ever since the first day they met. He is the father of one son, and both are involved with The Boy Scouts of America. Before starting TSV, Daniel served his country in the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Stafford Voice to educate and inform people on current issues in both the United States and the World.

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Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips is the owner/operations manager for Talk America Radio and is the executive producer for The Conservative Cartel on TheBlaze Radio Network, a conservative talk show that uses "new media" to broadcast on the Internet, on terrestrial affiliates across the country and via Facebook Live. Ron also owns Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc and specializes in New Media Productions for broadcasters (broadcast and production web hosting, talk show/podcast production and training, and social media broadcasting and training).