Uncommon Sense

Bill Freitas and Jennifer Torres give political correctness an atomic wedgie & solve the world’s problems one hour at a time.  Bill is a talentless hack who has struggled in and out of almost every radio station in the Tampa Bay area, but possesses a good nature and a somewhat charming sense of humor that can almost make you laugh as much as it makes you sorry for him. Jennifer has zero experience and education and cannot be considered qualified to discuss much of anything unless she’s talking about being surly and overbearing, in which case she is extremely qualified. Their show covers topics ranging from Middle East Foreign Policy to Poop Jokes…and no, those aren’t the same thing. It’s an hour of radio that will make you highly uncomfortable. Their partnership is more of an abusive relationship and only the listener can decide for themselves which one is the abuser, and which one is the co-dependent. 

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Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips is the owner/operations manager for Talk America Radio and is the executive producer for The Conservative Cartel on TheBlaze Radio Network, a conservative talk show that uses "new media" to broadcast on the Internet, on terrestrial affiliates across the country and via Facebook Live. Ron also owns Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc and specializes in New Media Productions for broadcasters (broadcast and production web hosting, talk show/podcast production and training, and social media broadcasting and training).